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The Long Plan

  • Type: Plot
  • Faction: Martell (Loyal)
  • Gold: 4
  • Initiative: 3
  • Claim: 1
  • Reserve: 8
  • Scheme.
  • Plot deck limit: 1.
    You do not return unspent gold to the treasury during the taxation phase.
    Reaction: After you lose a challenge, gain 1 gold.
  • Quantity:
  • Number: 16
  • Illustrator: Tim Durning
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I wonder if this would be worth it, as I know myself i'd give out all the gold on the plot, so I would only "profit" if I lose a bunch of challenges...

Is this enough for a plot effect? The stats are ok imho, but nothing to write home about...

I think this one is really good. It fits nicely with the whole Martell ethos of lose to win.

If the opponent lets you win all 3 of your challenges, you are probably happy anyway. If not, you just gained at least 1 gold.

And if you were in position to defend all 3 of his in turn, you are probably winning the game.

Otherwise, you are probably gaining yourself at least a couple of gold

In Desert Lions, with Tyrion out, that turns to 4 gold. Think of effectively playing a 6 gold Counting Coppers next turn? Or resetting the board with Wildfire (at least for now) and 8 or so gold to accelerate ahead of your opponent?