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In Doran’s Name

  • Type: Event
  • Faction: Martell
  • Cost: 0
  • Action: Kneel your faction card to gain X gold. X is the number of plot cards in your used pile.
  • Quantity:
  • Number: 36
  • Illustrator: Tim Durning
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Not sure this is gonna take place in a lot of Martell decks, especially when more events come into the card pool. Maybe some expensive delayed rush banner deck...

I really want to put a cheeky copy into decks. It is a niche card imo, but one with lots of niches.

Favourite use I think will be to play it in challenges when my opponent lets a challenge through to get the gold to play a killer event/ambusher they didn't expect. I'd therefore consider it in Lantell or Martister as you will pack lots of such effects in normally thanks to Tyrion.

Alternative use is in Nights Watch ban Sun. Nights Watch needs economy and even a couple of gold helps.
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Von that's exactly what I'm thinking, will be trying it out in Night's Watch, still since it sucks early game hard to justify running multiple

It goes around the drawback of Knights of the Hollow Hill and that deck can run more events than usual deck because it has no set up. But we shall see how this agenda will look like in second edition.

I think this Card is underrated.


It is a nice alternative to Kingsroad: not limited, the same Gold benefit from round 3 and getting better (and no fear of Euron!)

It can be played if Gold should be needed unexpectedly (e.g. for the Hand's Judgement)

It can completely change Odds late in games by putting in another big cost charcter like Doran or the Viper


Will definetly be in any of my Martell decks

The only caveat to that is that I wouldn't run 3 copies, the last thing you want is 2 or more of these in your hand at the start of the game.


It can be played if Gold should be needed unexpectedly (e.g. for the Hand's Judgement)


I don't think this is right.  This card has to be played as an action, not an interrrupt.  So if you suddenly need gold to play a Hand's Judgement, this card can't give it to you as the window to play Hand's Judgement will close before you can play this.

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You are correct that you couldn't play this after they played the event you want to cancel with Hand's Judgment and still expect to cancel it.


The "surprise" idea does work, though. Say that you have an empty gold pool and go big on a MIL attack. Your opponent chump blocks knowing you don't have the gold to pay for Put to the Sword. So, after they declare defenders but before the challenge resolves, you play this -- and suddenly have enough gold for PttS.

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it will be great after Valar game status

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May 09 2016 10:53 AM

X is 0 gold at the first round right?

X is 0 gold at the first round right?