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Syrio Forel

  • Type: Character
  • Faction: Neutral
  • Cost: 5
  • Icons: Military
  • Strength: 3
  • Companion.
  • Stealth.
    Challenges Action: Choose a character. Until the end of the phase, that character gains a [Military] icon and stealth. (Limit once per phase.)
  • “Just so.”
  • Quantity:
  • Number: 37
  • Illustrator: Sebastian Ciaffaglione
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While Syrio Forel is a good card, that barrier between 4 and 5 gold on a neutral character is a tough one.  The majority of plots that we have in general tends to balance on only 4 gold available at any given time.  Without the reducer locations and reducer characters to aid in bringing Syrio to the table, it becomes a reliance in most decks on having a Roseroad on the table before it easily attainable outside a couple houses.  


Varys suffers from this same effect, and decks often will ensure they  have one plot to ensure that he sees the table, but Syrio doesn't on his own warrant changing plots around. It's a slight worry of mine, but I will be including a singleton of him in several decks wondering if he will get to play as much as I would like when I find him.

Its another good card for Arianne to bring in and Lanni will usually have enough gold through either Tywin or Tyrion.

The only main factions I'd struggle to put him in are Greyjoy (not a big enough effect) and Night's Watch (not enough economy unless you run a false banner).
When a character is being stealthed, can you use syrio forel to give the character being stealthed stealth to stop it being stealthed and cancel out the stealth altogether or does the stealth still happen because it was declared before the character had stealth. Also if it can cancel the stealth does the character who used the stealth originally get to pick another target for it if able or is it completely cancelled
It's not cancelled, once stealth is declared that's it , that character can't be declared as a defender. There is an action window before every challenge however, so if you think a character might be stealthed and you don't want that to happen you can use Syrio to give them stealth before your opponent declares the challenge.

It's the same with removing an icon from a character, if they attack and then you remove that characters corresponding icon afterwards it will not prevent them from doing the challenge as they had the icon at the time the challenge is declared.
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When a character is being stealthed, can you use syrio forel to give the character being stealthed stealth to stop it being stealthed



As a "Challenge Action," Syrio's ability can only be used during Action Windows in the Challenge phase. Since declaring stealth is part of the framework window for initiating a challenge, you cannot interrupt the process for initiating a challenge with the standard Challenge Action.


What this means is that you cannot wait until your opponent announces who they plan to bypass, and the stop it once you know their decision. Your only option is to anticipate who they might want to bypass (or who you do not want bypassed) and use Syrio before your opponent begins to initiate their challenge.


Generally speaking, unless an ability starts with "Interrupt," the timing structure of this game requires you to anticipate what your opponent might do and act preemptively to take away their options - not react to undo your opponent's choices after they are made.

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Mar 14 2016 02:54 PM

Using Syrio to grant Cat Stark Stealth (and the Mil icon, but that's less useful) is great.  Ensuring she's always available to stop your opponent triggering Treachery, Dracarys!, Plaza of Punishment, Ice, etc. is amazing!

How is this stealth considered on a character that is milked? If Syrio gives stealth to a milked Cat, does the stealth still count. I suppose I'm asking that when the character gains the keyword 'stealth'(or any other keyword), is it considered part of their text box? I don't know the term for these abilities from outside sources, are they offically called 'given' or 'gained' abilities. Couldn't find a quick ref for them.

Milk of the Poppy only blanks the printed text box. Syrio's effect is a "gained" ability, so Milk won't affect a character targeted by his ability. However, Syrio himself can be milked, which stops his own stealth and stops him from granting a military icon and stealth to another character.