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Jory Cassel

  • Type: Character
  • Faction: Stark
  • Cost: 4
  • Icons: MilitaryPower
  • Strength: 3
  • Guard.
  • Interrupt: When a unique [Stark] character you control would be killed, sacrifice Jory Cassel to save it. Then, if there is a Winter plot card revealed, that character gains 1 power.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Number: 8
  • Illustrator: Josh Hass
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So if Jory gets tears'd could you sac him to prevent himself from being killed?

Yes, he can save himself from normal kill effects. 


He cannot save himself from burn effects that kill him when his STR reaches 0 however.  (Like Dracarys!)

I'm not seeing why tears works and not Dracarys does not?

I'm not seeing why tears works and not Dracarys does not?


Go here for the explanation: http://www.cardgamed...527-jory-cassel


In short, his save effect doesn't remove the terminal burn effect that would constantly kill him after the save resolves.  You are not allowed to take into account the consequences of paying the cost(sacrificing himself) of his ability when seeing if his ability will change the game state per the rules on initiating card abilities.  Therefore, ignoring the fact that he sacrifices himself to pay the cost of his save effect, you are only looking to see if he would be successfully saved by his own ability only.  Since the burn effect continues to kill him after a save, you are not even allowed to initiate his ability.

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If I have Robb and Jory and my opponent plays Valar can I use Jory to save Robb?



- Valar initiates

- Interrupts trigger (while characters are still in play)

- Valar resolves (and removes characters from play)

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This is probably very basic, but can someone explain to me how in a 2 claim he can choose himself to be killed (as claim 1) and then sacrifice himself and save the 2nd claim target before the kill resolves? I get that his ability is an interrupt so he can trigger it before the kills are resolved, but that means he gets sacrificed and shouldn't be able to be chosen as the target for the 1st claim. At least that would make much more common sense in my oppinion? But well I guess this game is very counterintuitif sometimes...

In a 2 claim (MIL) you have to choose 2 different characters to die. It's not clear from your question whether Jory is alone or with someone.


But in case:

1. Jory and other unique Stark character is present -> you choose Jory and that character for claim, trigger Jory's interrupt, save other character, Jory is discarded (sacrificed)


2. if Jory is alone -> you can only choose him for claim, he can sacrifice himself to save himself -> but sacrifice will put him into discard pile (can't be saved) -> doesn't matter that claim is 2 or higher, if only 1 character is present you must choose that for claim 1x only


3. if Jory and other characters (non unique or unique non-Stark) are present, you must choose 2 of them for claim. Jory can still sacrifice himself to put himself into discard instead of dead pile.


Regarding MIL claim 2 -> you must choose 2 different characters and those are killed simultaneously not in queue, like kill 1st then kill 2nd.