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Daisy Walker

Daisy Walker Daisy Walker

•Daisy Walker
The Librarian

Type: Investigator
Class: Seeker
Willpower: 3
Intellect: 5
Combat: 2
Agility: 2
Health: 5
Sanity: 9
You may take an additional action during your turn, which can only be used on Tome [Action] abilities.
[Elder Sign] effect: +0. If you succeed, draw 1 card for each Tome you control.
Deck Size: 30.
Deckbuilding Options: Seeker cards ([Seeker]) level 0-5, Mystic cards ([Mystic]) level 0-2, Neutral cards level 0-5.
Deckbuilding Requirements (do not count towards deck size): Daisy’s Tote Bag, The Necronomicon (John Dee Translation), 1 random basic weakness.
“I know of books so powerful, they can rewrite reality.”
Quantity: 1
Number: 2
Illustrator: Magali Villeneuve
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Oct 26 2018 02:44 PM
Question: [Elder Sign] effect: Do ‘Tome’ cards in Daisy’s deck/discard pile count? “+0. If you succeed, draw 1 card for each Tome you control” 2 relevant rules I can see: RRG p16: “A player controls the cards located in his or her out-of-play game areas (such as the hand, deck, discard pile)” RRG p2: “Card abilities only interact with other cards that are in play, unless the ability specifically references an interaction with cards in an out-of-play area”
Oct 27 2018 11:42 PM

I don't think they count.

That second rule you quote being the important one. When doing the counting for the elder sign effect it can only count Tomes in play.

Oct 29 2018 12:51 PM
Cheers. Yes, been playing that way (ie not counting in-hand, decal or discard) but after reading several discussions online wasn’t sure, and couldn’t see any clarification in FAQs or errata.