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The Stars Are Right

The Stars Are Right

The Stars Are Right

Type: Event
Class: Mystic
Cost: –
Level: 0
Willpower: 0
Intellect: 0
Combat: 0
Agility: 0
Wild: 0
Bonded (Stargazing).
Revelation – Remove The Stars Are Right from the game. Choose an investigator. That investigator draws 1 card, gains 1 resource, and may take an immediate action as if it were their turn (this action does not count toward the number of actions that investigator can take each turn).
Quantity: 2
Number: 28
Illustrator: Katy Grierson
Want to build a deck using this card? Check out the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Deck Builder!
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I am a bit confused. Is this a player card or encounter card? It has front of a mystic player card, but back of a mythos encounter...

It's an encounter card which gets shuffled into the top 10 cards of the encounter deck when an investigators plays a copy of the Mystic card "Stargazing".


Here are the rules for Bonded cards:

Cards with the bonded keyword are linked to another player card. They have no level and therefore are not available as deckbuilding options. Instead, the card to which they are bonded (which is listed in parentheses next to this keyword) brings the bonded card into the game.
If your deck contains a card that summons one or more bonded cards, those bonded cards are set aside at the start of each game.
If a weakness with the bonded keyword is added to an investigator’s deck, hand, threat area, or play area, it does not remain a part of that investigator’s deck for the rest of the campaign (unlike other weaknesses). It starts each game set aside with that investigator’s other bonded cards.