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Body Double - First Place Lynnwood, WA Tournament

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Initiate of Huang Hung seems like a natural fit for your deck now that he's unrestricted.  Any particular reason you didn't take him?


You could use him to bounce your Seer + an opponent's character, and then replay your Seer to snipe it from their hand.  With Doppelganger, Faceless, Lord Jeffrey and The Doorway, you have plenty of ways to get the Initiate back into your hand and do it all over again.


Also, were there any cards that underperformed during the tournament and need to be cut?  What would you take in their place?

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I had originally included 2 copies of the Initiate in the first test version of my deck. Unfortunately, I had overlooked that fact that he was errated to loyal.  His new found loyalty made it difficult to set up my resource structure to support both him and Frozen Time.


During my test games I found myself holding him in my hand waiting for just the right time to play, and all the while I was losing board presence.  In the end, I realized that I had a sufficient number of other cards that could provide the bounce I needed (The Doorway, Faceless Abductor, Doppelgänger).  The Doppelgänger doesn't actually bounce a character, but his copy ability amounts to the same effect.  Sadly, the Initiate didn't make the final cut to the deck I took to the tournament.


It's unfortunate that he was changed to loyal as the Initiate of Huang Hung is such a great character.  In the first CoC tournament I ever played - 2012 Portland Regional - I lost to a ST/Yog deck that used the Initiate to bounce my characters to great effect.


When he went on the restricted list, I no longer saw him in play because he had to compete with MoM for a slot.  I was so excited to finally include him in my deck; but his loyalty requirement essentially made him restricted again, unless you're playing a mono-ST deck, of course.  Frankly, I can't see the reason for the errata.  Bummer.  Back to the shelf for you Initiate.

With regards to any cards that under-performed, I was pretty pleased with the deck's composition.  Body Double doesn't have any one specific strategy, but has lot of cards that interactive in a variety of ways to defend against the current Meta.  The cards that probably had the least impact at the tournament were:  The Black Stone, The Archmage’s Attaché, and Carl Stanford.


During the July 2015 Regional Tournament in Portland, I got hammered by Temple decks.  In anticipation for facing a Temple or Toxemia deck at the Lynnwood tournament, I included the Black Stone to help temporarily blank out those cards and The Archmage’s Attaché to possibly steal them. Surprisingly, no one took the Temple or Toxemia.  Most players took a Hastur deck of some kind. 


I was able to use the Attaché to play a character from my opponent's deck during round two and only blanked one character the whole tournament with The Black Stone.  I could see cutting the Attaché, though I can't deny how unnerving it is for my opponent to have their card exposed when I play it on their deck.  Thus, I probably wouldn't cut these cards, but might reduce The Black Stone to 2 copies and bump The Doorway up to 3 copies. The Doorway really earned its keep to help bounce the Seer, Protector of Secrets, and Doppelganger back to my hand.


I included Carl Stanford to help get the Mists of Lethe and Pushed into the Beyond back from the discard pile, which he did once, but B. Ramsdale Brown is a bit for more efficient as you don't have to pay to retrieve the card.  I do like how Carl cancels my opponent's cost reduction, but that too was not a factor at this tournament.  Nevertheless, two copies is about right, so for now he gets to stay. 

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