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Syndicate Skill removal


I suppose I have a few too many cards, and I could probably do with a card helping me get the conspiracy card quickly.


Ol' Lazy Eyes would be useful for getting to it faster.  The Claret Knight is one of my favourite cards, but I'm not sure I really have space for it in this deck.


Any thoughts comments? I am struggling to put  adecent mono-Syndicate deck together...

Friend of mine runs such a mono-Syndicate Skill manipulation deck and it runs fairly well. Lena and Jacob turn 1, for instance, are terrifying and you better have an answer at your disposal, since it can spiral pretty harsh with Knoll and friends following.


More to the deck: I haven't played mono-Syndicate myself yet, but what you should definitely try is trimming the list down to 50 cards. Some cards absolutely don't have to be 3 times in your deck, mostly Uniques and expensive cards should be two offs as long as they're not essential to your strategy, so there's plenty of room to cut corners.

You can put in Red Gloved Men because after playing him, you can search your deck for a Conspiracy card and immediately put it into play without having to pay its costs.  It has a good spread of icons for a 3 coster and possess the Willpower trait.

However, you may want to consider trimming the number of some of your characters down to 2 or 1 especially those who are unique.  With such a large deck size, I don't know how consistent will your deck be in drawing the cards that you needed and also you don't want to end up have a dead hand holding some unique character cards where you already have one in play.

Thanks both. I have taken most characters down to 2 and added 1x Red Gloved Man and Ol' Lazy Eyes.

This brings me down to 56 cards.

Now, if I could just figure out how to update the deck here...

You've obviously trimmed a lot of stuff already and I don't know what so it's hard to know what further advice to offer.  But, it would be easy to trim a copy each of your 4-cost stuff (maybe some of the less important cost 3 Unique guys) as Daevar already said since you won't be able to afford them early on and Inner Council needs some guys out before it gets good.  Also, if you're running with zero Support cards look at Melisande LeBeau as an option.


Since your particular Conspiracy costs 0, Ol' Lazy Eyes is practically as good as Red Gloved Man for cheaper.


I'd also lose Low Blow.  If you still want more exhaustion, replace it with Forcing the Truth.

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OK, I figured it out, and have updated the deck ^_^

I'm down to 56 cards. I'm thinking of dropping some of the unique cards down to 1, but I don't think I have any way of dipping into my discard pile, so this seems dangerous.

I've added in 3xBlack Dog because... why not? It seems useful, and sort of fits into a syndicate themed deck...