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Forgotten Library

Forgotten Library

Forgotten Library

Type: Holding
Strength: 0
Clan: Phoenix
Library. Shrine.
Reaction: After the draw phase begins – draw 1 card.
Truth cannot be lost, only forgotten.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 94
Illustrator: Lino Drieghe
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Kingsley – 5/5
The best repeat card draw card in the game under normal circumstances. You don't always want to trade dynasty for conflict draws, but when you do you wish you had Forgotten Library. Just remember that you have to trigger this BEFORE you look at your dial – I sometimes joke this is called Forgotten Library thanks to how often people will forget to trigger it!
Grendel – 4/5
The best draw a conflict card holding. The timing is quite favorable compared to the others.
I Fight Dragons – 5/5
This holding trades a Dynasty slot for a card draw every turn BEFORE dials are even picked up in the Draw Phase. That’s a very nice trade off. Due to Phoenix’s inherently defensive nature and running incremental advantage provinces like Shameful Display and Manicured Garden, this can generate a ton of value over the course of the game. I expect it to make the cut for Phoenix for a while. 
nyxnyxnyx - 5/5
After an initial outlay of 1 dynasty slot, every subsequent turn you trade 1 dynasty slot for 1 conflict card. This trade is good in any turn where you are capped on fate, since dynasty draws tend to require a higher fate cost than the conflict deck. I’d argue that it isn’t a lot better than Imperial Storehouse, but it’s probably still an autoinclude right now. 

Very close to Imperial Storehouse, but eventually you will play a game where this gives you repeated card draw (while sitting on Shameful Display for example) and then you discover the true power of forbidden knowledge...