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Isawa Atsuko

Isawa Atsuko

Isawa Atsuko

Type: Character
Cost: 4
Military Skill: 3
Political Skill: 3
Glory: 2
Clan: Phoenix
Shugenja. Void.
Action: During a [Void] conflict – until the end of the conflict, each participating character you control gets +1[Military] and +1[Politics] and each participating character your opponent controls gets –1[Military] and –1[Politics].
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 92
Illustrator: Le Vuong
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Benjoewoo – 5/5
Given the Kaede preview from the first dynasty pack, Void will be the strongest Shugenja affinity element simply by count, never mind that Atsuko and Kaede are both good. Atsuko is really good with a multiplicative pump for your side and negative to the opponent’s side. You play her because she can single handedly swing void conflicts, and she doesn’t even need to be there.
Kingsley – 5/5
Atsuko is one of the strongest four-fate characters in the game already, and will likely grow even stronger in the future. One of the truly excellent cards Phoenix has access to.
Grendel – 5/5
Great Stat spread and a great ability in an important conflict.
I Fight Dragons – 5/5
This is Evil Grandma. Evil Grandma drinks evil tea. When Evil Grandma is done drinking her evil tea, her effective stats shoot way beyond what any 4 cost character has any right to hold. On final pushes, she secures wins outright and outside of that she’s just a block of stats. It helps that the Void ring is one of the best to use, especially as and against Phoenix.
nyxnyxnyx - 3/5
4 for 3/3 is passable. Her ability buffs herself, so she’s at least 4 skill worth during a Void conflict, with 1 more for every character in the conflict at the point of activation. Very strong on province/stronghold pushes where you can consciously choose the Void ring to enable her ability, but loses points for not being able to control that decision while on defence. 

Phoenix clan siege tank. Simple but effective.