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Magnificent Kimono

Magnificent Kimono

Magnificent Kimono

Type: Attachment
Cost: 0
Bonus Military Skill: +0
Bonus Political Skill: +1
Clan: Phoenix
Attached character gains pride. (After this character wins a conflict, honor it. After this character loses a conflict, dishonor it.)
Influence: 1
Deck: Conflict
Number: 172
Illustrator: Heather V. Kreiter
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Benjoewoo – 3/5
This card is likely better as a splash now than in Phx, but can be a better rated card if Phx honor becomes viable.
Kingsley – 2/5
I currently consider this one of the most overrated cards in the game – zero fate for one strength is okay but not great, and Pride is often a downside. While this does have some extra utility as something to play on enemy characters in losing conflicts, overall I'm against.
Grendel – 2/5
Sometimes it creates a monster on the board, but I think this is just a weak card in general.
I Fight Dragons – 2/5
I’m predicting this is another controversial rating. Magnificent Kimono is a 2 cost attachment that potentially honors your characters and also gives +1 political skill to boot. The issue is that when push comes to shove, your opponent has the ability to turn this card into one that is actively harmful to you and your characters due to Phoenix’s mid to high glory values. That vulnerability is one that you will see and over time I expect this attachment to rotate out of Phoenix decks. It’s a great splash option in many other clans, however. 
nyxnyxnyx - 3/5
I like this card quite a lot, though it’s a little tricky to use in practice. Since the honor/dishonor is only applied at the end of the conflict, you never get to benefit from the stat swing during that conflict. On top of that, the moment you play this card you incentivize your opponent to win that conflict, with possibly disastrous results if you cannot respond.

Ironically the card called Maginificent Kimono has the incorrect cross section...should always be left over right. Unless they are dead but they look very much alive. There are other cards that violate this too. Whose is the game's art director?

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I'm finding this is punching it's weight splashed in crane. Usually giving me the honor I need if I don't see my way of the Crane or court games. Good times!

This is the card that can best leverage pride of all cards in the game. You add it to your character when you know the conflict will be won by you (i.e. not enough defenders, an attack to provoke defenders or they are going for Display of Power or so). There are several excellent bearers of this card in phoenix, and these are either hard to defend against (haughty magistrate, Fearsome Mystic, radiant orator) or that participate in multiple conflicts (Prodigy of the Waves, Chikai Order Protector). Characters in this latter category are prime targets for getting dishonored, specifically because they participate in multiple conflicts. You will find yourself adding the kimono to these when they get dishonored the first time, after which pride is just pure upside. 


Magnificent Kimono is a good card, but you have to play it with Isawa Mori Seido, and you want characters that really want that bonus. Its major downside is not that pride is bad, but more that its effect isn't felt in the conflict in which you play it. 


Also, if you play your cards right, your character is leaving play honored. This in turn means you have more honor to burn on drawing cards. This makes Magnificent Kimono barely cost a card.


Also, Against the Crane Stronghold, anything that adds one political will usually elevate your character to 3 pol. It's a small upside, but it is certainly an upside. Another trick is to play this together with Favorable grounds. It is common that you can honor your character a second time just by throwing them in as a participant. 

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