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Type: Attachment
Cost: 2
Bonus Military Skill: +0
Bonus Political Skill: +0
Clan: Phoenix
This attachment cannot be played during a conflict.
Attached character cannot participate in [Military] conflicts.
A peaceful environment leads to a peaceful mind.
Influence: 2
Deck: Conflict
Number: 174
Illustrator: Carlos Palma Cruchaga
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Benjoewoo – 5/5
This card really hammers your opponent’s lopsided military characters and characters with heavy military investment. Really hard.
Kingsley – 3/5
This is a bit weak against attachment control and the timing isn't great, but when it locks down a big military guy it can be amazing. Overall a decent but not stellar card that will become much stronger if sideboards get added or in military-focused metas.
Grendel – 5/5
Honestly even in a Let Go heavy meta this card is worth playing if you think an opponent doesn’t have it in their hand. It can win the games if left on the right character. 
I Fight Dragons – 4/5
Attachments that cost 2 are very risky. Pacifism is worth the risk and gives Phoenix a ton of options for controlling the flow of the conflict phase. You can play this right before declaring your military conflict to deny their best/only defender, or disable a military powerhouse like Toturi, Kisada, or… Matsu Berserker (yes, I’m serious). There’s a ton of potential use, and if your opponent isn’t running attachment hate then this card is well worth the 2 cost and if they are running hate then you just need to play more carefully with it. 
nyxnyxnyx - 3/5
2-cost attachments are pretty frowned upon in the current meta, but at least this one isn’t so bad against Calling in Favors. If you land this on any one of the lopsided MIL characters like Kisada, Unassuming Yojimbo and the like, it’s very very neat. Has neat synergy with Captive Audience, which effectively bows and sends home the Pacifism-ed character.

This card is nuts. If the enemy does't splash Dragon or has used his copies of Let Go this becomes insane. 

What happens when the conflict goes from political to military? Is the same as a "-"?? They go home bowed?

@gmeista yes.. If for what ever reason the attached character participates on a military conflict.. It immediately goes back home bowed..
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Feb 05 2018 09:51 AM


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