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Solemn Scholar

Solemn Scholar

Solemn Scholar

Type: Character
Cost: 1
Military Skill: 1
Political Skill: 1
Glory: 1
Clan: Phoenix
Shugenja. Earth. Scholar.
Action: During a conflict, if the [Earth] ring is in your claimed ring pool, choose an attacking character – bow that character.
Deck: Dynasty
Number: 83
Illustrator: Aaron Miller
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Benjoewoo – 5/5
With rather plentiful ring manipulation, getting the earth ring isn’t obscenely difficult, and bowing on the defense without needing to be there is amazing.
Kingsley – 4/5
1/1 is a very bad statline – generally worse than 2/- or 2/0. The ability here is pretty amazing though, and while activating it can sometimes prove hard this also has favorable trait synergy.
Grendel – 3/5
The earth ring is important, and bowing your opponent’s best character is really strong.
I Fight Dragons – 4/5
Mediocre stats but a potentially stellar ability. If you manage to get the Earth ring into your claimed pool, then this 1 cost character effectively removes an opponent’s character for the turn. Being a 1 cost Shugenja as well is very important for Cloud the Mind and Supernatural Storm.
nyxnyxnyx - 5/5
I love this guy. I’ve always been a fan of the Earth ring (I think it’s the best Ring) and having an ability that encourages you to go get it more often will probably up your win rate a little if you’re not already doing it enough. If you can control the Earth ring every time, you get a bow that is put simply a Mirumoto’s Fury on steroids. Note that it’s a Shugenja ability, and like most of them, does not require Solemn Scholar to be participating in the same conflict as the target to bow. 

Super powerful. Mirumoto is furious after meeting this guy.