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Nezumi Infiltrator

Nezumi Infiltrator

Nezumi Infiltrator

Type: Character
Cost: 1
Military Skill: 1
Political Skill: 1
Glory: 0
Clan: Crab
Creature. Scout.
Immune to Shadowlands and Mahō card effects.
Reaction: After this character enters play during a conflict – until the end of the conflict, raise or lower the strength of the attacked province by 1 (to a minimum of 1). (Max 1 per conflict.)
Influence: 2
Deck: Conflict
Number: 71
Illustrator: Eli Ring
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Jul 14 2018 08:21 AM

Cool rat creatures card, nice to see Skaven turn up here. It seems fine for a cheap conflict character. Could be useful for getting more chumps to sacrifice in some crab themes.

I totally agree with whoever it was that said this reaction should be swapped with the reaction on the Hiruma Skirmisher though, would be way more thematic.

    • Stefan2581 likes this

First thing that sprung to my mind here was that you don't have to play it into the conflict for benefit, which could be very relevant for Feast or Famine and the like.


Second thing is that as a 1 cost character, there's definitely potential here for a lot of conflict decks that have exclusively 1-cost conflict characters, and that is actually a really powerful thing.

    • SlaaneshDevotee likes this

Not only that but it classes as a Crab character for Way of the Crab if need be!