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Mustering the Rohirrim

Mustering the Rohirrim
Type: Event Sphere: Spirit
Cost: 1

Action: Search the top 10 cards of your deck for any 1 Rohan ally card and add it to your hand. Then, shuffle the other cars back into your deck.

"More speed we cannot make, if the strength of Rohan is to be gathered." - Eomer, The Return of the King
Set: THfG Number: 1
Quantity: 3


There are quite a lot of Rohan allies already. Allows you to run fewer duplicates.
It should have number 7 :)

It's 1-gold too expensive. It should have costed 0.


Or at least allowed us to put the ally into play and either take it into hand or discard it at the end of the round.

Mar 28 2016 02:40 PM

Especially compared to other character trait events, this is just a rather bad card.   Though I suppose if one of the unique characters is key to your strategy, such as Hama or Gamling, it may end up making the cut anyways.

Especially compared to other character trait events, this is just a rather bad card.



Exactly. The Eagles are Coming and Entmoot are infinitely better.


The thing is (and keeping things inside sphere), 3 Test of Will and 3 Hasty Stroke will definitely be included before this. From then on, 2-3 Galadhrim's Greeting, 1 Will of the West and 2 Helm! Helm! are more important. Stand and Fight might find a place too, in case Gamling doesn't show up. If another sphere is added to the mix, the event room becomes even tighter. This one's effect is nice, but it's too expensive for what it does.

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For 1-cost you should be able to search the whole deck or add a number of found allies to hand. 


Too expensive as written. 

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