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Signs of Gollum

Signs of Gollum
Type: Objective
Encounter Set: The Hunt for Gollum
Response: After the players quest successfully, the players may claim Signs of Gollum if it has no attached encounters. When claimed, attach Signs of Gollum to any hero committed to the quest. (Counts as a Condition attachment with: "Forced: After attached hero is damaged or leaves play, return this card to the top of the encounter deck.")

Set: THFG Number: 14
Quantity: 4
Illustrator: David A. Nash


Frodo Baggins (CatC) can hold onto these, he never loses the trail.
Unfortunately that is not the case of Frodo because his text reads "Response: After Frodo Baggins is damaged, cancel the damage and instead rasie your threat by the amound of damage he would have been dealt. (Limit once per phase.)" . You would still treat Frodo as if he was damaged even though you don't actually put a damage counter on him thus making you have to move this card back to the top of the encounter deck.
Apr 11 2012 11:31 PM
how does guarded work exactly ? do you deal one additional card as a "guard" to a guarded objective ? or do you just attach the next card you reveal ? (in this case what happens if you don't have to reveal any other card for the phase in which the guarded objective if reveald ? )...a bit confused :/
When you reveal a guarded card, you immediately reveal and attach the next encounter card as a "guard." You then continue revealing cards per the normal staging requirements (described in detail on p. 24 of the rules).

So yes, the guard card is an "extra." If you are playing with two players and flip Signs of Gollum as your first card, you will immediately reveal and attach a guard. Then, you will reveal a second "normal" encounter card.
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Apr 14 2012 04:36 PM
Thank You.

I'm a bit confused with this card as you have to complete a quest to claim the card. So if this is guarded a by an enemy character you would have to kill the character then wait to see if it is attached to a treachery card instead when it returns to the staging area so that it can resolve before you complete the quest. Otherwise if it is guarded by a travel-able location it will attach to that and you will not be able to take control of it until that location has been travelled to successfully.

As far as I am aware, Guarded means that it gets another encounter card when it is first revealed, but never gets additional encounter cards attached to it after the first one.  So if you kill the enemy it's attached to, it stays unattached in the staging area.  (Until some bastard treachery shuffles it back in.)

Also, as far as I'm aware, you'll need to fully explore the location guarding the clue, not just travel to it.

Ahh ok, this makes sense! Thanks guys!!

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