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Winged Guardian

Winged Guardian
Type: Ally Sphere: Tactics
Cost: 2
Willpower: 0 Attack: 0 Defense: 4 Hit Points: 1
Creature. Eagle.
Sentinel. Winged Guardian cannot have restricted attachments.
Forced: After an attack in which Winged Guardian defends resolves, Pay 1 [Tactics] resource or discard Winged Guardian from play.

Set: THfG Number: 4
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: David A. Nash


This card feels like a Feint (Core)-machine to me (for smaller enemies).
Yes, but it's been vastly improved by the release of the Eagles of the Misty Mountains (RtM) and Support of the Eagles (RtM), not to mention its recycling possibility with Meneldor's Flight (THoEM).

A solid must-have in an eagles deck.
If playing solo, it's overshadowed by HoN's Defender of Ramas, unless you have a dedicated eagle deck. Gotta love that image though (my favorite of this expansion).

Once I get the resource generation going, his Sentinel is super helpful protecting my Rohan deck.

You've got to hand it to the designers--sometimes they really do a very good job. This guy (and Eagles in general) are a great example of that.


They came out all the way in Mirkwood, can still win against modern Quests with the best of the Tactics archetypes but nobody complains that they are broken or OP. They're just really well balanced with great internal synergy.  


As for this guy--just great. If you have the resource, great. If not--take a boost to Eagles of the Misty Mountains. 


I just wish Radagast could pay for his ability...

Nov 03 2017 02:48 PM

Fantastic with Support of the Eagles: you can basically get a hero to be bullet proof with +4 defence

Nov 07 2017 05:17 PM

Until you get the shadow card that says the defending character doesn't count their defense.  Or the other that gives the enemy +X attack where X is some crazy value (locations in play, tokens on a card, etc).  I've had a 8 defense, 8 HP Beregond die in a single hit... 

Yeah. When it comes to defense, nothing beats the Burning Brand.
Nov 10 2017 07:37 AM

@Palpa or having a Dunedain Watcher in play if you're not running Lore.

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