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Type: Ally Sphere: Neutral
Cost: 4
Willpower: 2 Attack: 4 Defense: 3 Hit Points: 5
Cannot have restricted attachments. Treebeard enters play exhausted and collects 1 resource each resource phase. These can be used to pay for Ent cards played from your hand.
Action: Spend 2 resources from Treebeard’s pool to ready an Ent character.

Set: The Antlered Crown Number: 146
Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Mike Nash


Is Galadriel's ability to allow allies to quest without exhaust valid also with ents which enter play exhausted?

I found this excerpt at,    




I emailed FFG and received a response from Caleb back in February:

Hi Michael,
If a card allows you to quest / attack / defend without exhausting, it is still necessary for the character to be ready in order to perform any of those actions.
Glad you're enjoying the game!


This is also true when using the attachment Light of Valinor.

From FAQ concerning Light of Valinor:

Q: If I have Light of Valinor (D 107) attached to a hero I control, can that hero commit to the quest while exhausted?
A: No. Characters must be ready and able to exhaust in order to quest, attack, or defend. Card effects that allow a character to perform any of those actions without exhausting do not allow exhausted characters to perform those actions.

This is the same situation so no, Ents that enter play exhausted cannot quest using Galadriel's ability.

Mar 11 2015 10:47 AM

If you can somehow ready them before questing then they would benefit from Galadriels ability.  Just not while exhausted.

Jul 31 2015 12:53 AM

Sounds like a job for Ever Vigilant.

Aug 14 2015 05:03 PM

Random thought - Treebeard can be used to pay for Ent cards played from your hand, so he doesn't require resource matching if the trait is correct.   Does that mean you can play a zero cost Ent event, such as Entmoot, without having a Lore resource generator?  

No, it's the same with elrond and 0 cost allies. It has been answerd by Caleb before. It is a pitty nevertheless.

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No, it's the same with elrond and 0 cost allies. It has been answerd by Caleb before. It is a pitty nevertheless.

I don't get why slothgodfather's example doesn't work with Entmoot, since Entmoot actually has the Ent trait printed on it. Could you please explain yourself?

Feb 22 2017 02:32 AM

Treebeard's text lets you use his resource to pay for Ent cards. But it does not explicitly say it grants a resource match. We have seen this effect elsewhere with Elrond/Radagast/GoodHarvest and a non-zero cost card can be paid for entirely from these source without ever having a resource match.


But, zero-cost cards have the rules restriction that you need to be able to provide a resource match to play them.

So a deck with no Lore-resource heroes can't play an Entmoot, any more than it could play any other zero-cost Lore card, and the Treebeard power as written hasn't changed this, since it hasn't granted us a resource match.

Feb 22 2017 09:36 PM

Yep.  His resources can be used to pay for Ent cards, but you aren't paying anything for a zero cost card, so his text simply doesn't apply to when you try to play that card.

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