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Lord of the Rings Decks

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Fellowship Trio

This deck aims to create a feasible deck strategy around Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli.

Using attachments to respectively add defense and attack, Aragorn can defend any engaged enemy with Sentinal and then Legolas can kill that enemy with Range. Gimli serves to initially take damage boosting his attack and then destroy the strongest enemies in the quest.

This deck emulates the books, where the fierce-some trio moves around middle-earth helping those in need.

(While many encounter cards remove attachments, the goal of the deck is to always have some available to be played)
----- greglord

Lurking Dwarves

----- fogg


----- WildcatLogger

Hobbits and Beorn

Mulligan until you get a Bill the Pony to begin. Also look for Celebrian's Stone and Steward of Gondor early on. Use Beorn for primarily defending until you can build up the hobbits. ----- ode302

Leader Spirit

Progress and support ----- HertogJashin

Dunhere's Deck

this deck is to be played with Brand's Deck ----- Neovitalis

005 CATC solo restricted

Dolezite je drzat svoje ohrozenie dostatocne nizke aby sme sa vyhli priamemu stretnutiu s obrami. ----- laco

Krasnoludy 1

wszystko po trochu ----- r0bert123


- ----- Kvothe123


----- lpknight21

Hobbit Militia

Make sure the enemy engagement cost is nice and high and use your bonuses ----- Sahandriel

Cheese it!

This deck is for "The Massing at Osgiliath" using the Mirkwood Pool... I'll fill in this text after it is posted. ----- Tragic

Denethor's Secret Road

This is a brute force key deck for Return to Mirkwood using the Mirkwood Cycle cards only. ***** Tragic

No Escape

This deck is pretty robust for this quest. I do not think I have ever failed it, though I have come close once. Early trolls can be a real problem for example. ----- Tragic

Dwarf Deck

----- Brocktoon

Powerful Bros

----- Brocktoon


----- Shedcase

Gloin's Support

Basic leadership/spirit deck mainly to provide support for a second deck. Filled with attachment buffs and means to cancel treachery and shadow cards. ----- Botanyguy

Imrahil's archers (Journey to Rhosgobel deck 1)

Designed to take on Journey to Rhosgobel with the companion deck "The Power of Healing" (Lore/Spirit) ----- Botanyguy

The power of healing (Journey to Rhosgobel deck 2)

A Lore/Spirit deck designed to augment a tactics/lore deck in the Journey to Rhosgobel Quest. ----- Botanyguy

Riders of Rohan (HoEM,DM)

Rohan themed deck. Used with "For Gondor" initially for Hills of Emyn Muil, but also for the Dead Marshes.
----- Botanyguy

Stewards of Gondor (HoEM,DM)

Gondor themed deck with a lot of support cards. ----- Botanyguy

A Zilla of Eagles

Here is a deck I made for MechaBri.Zilla.... who wanted a "pure eagle deck solo deck" for him to try.. it works well(ish).. but the problem with tactics is that it simply dose not really have the utility to exist in solo games (yet). ----- WasteMaLife

Wall of Gondor

After I saw a post form iGaveHimLife in the rules section about Thalin I thought I would try and make a solo deck unsung him and his ability. This restriction and also the fact I have been trying to see if I can get a viable Tactics Deck for solo. ----- WasteMaLife

Eldar Samwich

This deck is a fun one and can crush solo almost the entire game. The deck works off a fun combo using Path of Need and Word of Command.

Basically you get the various [b][i]Istari [/i][/b]allies to the table and [b]Word of Command[/b] for [b]Path of Need[/b]. Cast that sucker on a location and safely quest defend and attack. Use [b]Hammersmith [/b]and [b]Second Breakfast[/b] to pull [b]Path of Need[/b] back out of the graveyard at the end of the turn or start of the next turn, so hold onto these cards if you can. Use [b]Stargazer [/b]/ [b]Gildor [/b]to stack the deck so you can draw a ally and place ally on the same turn. Optimal combo is [b]Stargaze [/b]/ [b]Gildor [/b]to draw events, and then place a ally for [b]Vilya.[/b]

After you get [b]Path of Need[/b] use another tutor for [b]Will of the West[/b]. This is used reshuffle the discard into your deck, except unlike the original deck you now you have "X" cards on the table or in your hand. So your draws are more potent with cards you want to play every turn. [b]Vilya [/b]/ [b]Stargaze [/b]/ [b]Gildor [/b]will all hit better targets faster. This will also cycle your Attachment Fetch cards from the discard as well as [b]Gandalf (Core) [/b]who is your threat reduction (also DD and Draw!). I originally had in other threat reduction cards but with [b]Will of the West[/b] and zero cost [b]Gandalf (Core) [/b]picked up up quickly by [b]Stargaze [/b]/ [b]Gildor [/b]the threat reduction is pretty darn strong as it is. Do not be afraid to do this often and early. [b]Tomb [/b]allows this to be cast again and again.

Best to try and get [b]Steward + Resourceful[/b] on Sam. This will allow you to cast Path of Need every turn. The other Resourceful goes on Elrond. Not that you will be casting cards often. Most allies will be getting played though [b]Vilya [/b]anyway. Do not be strict about these targets as you may need some early lore and chances are you will not have locations in play every turn anyway, so earning 3 a turn can be fine. Just not optimal.

Encounter decks are getting some really aggressive Condition Attachments nowadays. So [b]Miner of the Iron Hills[/b] is good to hold in lieu of these bastards. Also [b]Warden of Healing[/b] is pretty self explanatory.

Another version of the same deck with a little more allies to chump and chimp, use a set of Outlanders. [b]Swordsman +[/b] ??? I prefer [b]Herdsmen[/b] for the +1 Health that comes in very handy. Still feel free to try other options. The main difference here is that you can have permanent questing power and some chumps rather than trying to cycle [b]Gandalf[/b] constantly.

This one requires Word of Command to be Cycled faster, as you use it to also grab attachments like Steward.

[b][size=5][b]Outdar Samwich[/b][/size][/b]
[b]Total :[/b] 50
[b]Deck format[/b] Solo
[b]Hero 1 : [/b]• Glorfindel [i]( Foundations of Stone 101 )[/i]
[b]Hero 2 : [/b]• Sam Gamgee [i]( The Black Riders 2 )[/i]
[b]Hero 3 : [/b]• Elrond [i]( Shadow and Flame 128 )[/i]

[b]3 x [/b]Ethir Swordsman [i]( The Steward's Fear 6 )[/i]
[b]3 x [/b]Imladris Stargazer [i]( Foundations of Stone 106 )[/i]
[b]3 x [/b]Anfalas Herdsman [i]( The Steward's Fear 8 )[/i]
[b]3 x [/b]Erebor Hammersmith [i]( Core Set 59 )[/i]
[b]2 x [/b]• Gildor Inglorion [i]( The Hills of Emyn Muil 79 )[/i]
[b]2 x [/b]Miner of the Iron Hills [i]( Core Set 61 )[/i]
[b]2 x [/b]Warden of Healing [i]( The Long Dark 83 )[/i]
[b]3 x [/b]• Gandalf [i]( Core Set 73 )[/i]
[b]3 x [/b]• Radagast [i]( A Journey to Rhosgobel 59 )[/i]

[b]1 x [/b]Path of Need [i]( Foundations of Stone 103 )[/i]
[b]1 x [/b]• Steward of Gondor [i]( Core Set 26 )[/i]
[b]1 x [/b]• Light of Valinor [i]( Foundations of Stone 107 )[/i]
[b]1 x [/b]• Asfaloth [i]( Foundations of Stone 110 )[/i]
[b]2 x [/b]• Scroll of Isildur [i]( The Morgul Vale 142 )[/i]
[b]3 x [/b]Resourceful [i]( The Watcher in the Water 62 )[/i]
[b]3 x [/b]• Vilya [i]( Shadow and Flame 137 )[/i]

[b]3 x [/b]Second Breakfast [i]( Conflict at the Carrock 27 )[/i]
[b]2 x [/b]A Test of Will [i]( Core Set 50 )[/i]
[b]3 x [/b]Dwarven Tomb [i]( Core Set 53 )[/i]
[b]2 x [/b]Hasty Stroke [i]( Core Set 48 )[/i]
[b]1 x [/b]Will of the West [i]( Core Set 49 )[/i]
[b]3 x [/b]Word of Command [i]( The Long Dark 84 )[/i]

I couldn't decide which deck was better.. they are both nearly undefeated for me. Outdar is stronger, but requires a little more time to set up due to tutoring for all the attachments. Eldar gets up and running fast but can have some problems because it dose not have a ton of Allies out for chimp and chumping.

Try them, mix them, change em!
****- WasteMaLife