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Conflict at the Carrock - Unboxing and Initial Card Evaluation

Conflict at the Carrock - Unboxing and Initial Card Evaluation
In this video Tragic the Blathering delves into the Conflict at the Carrock providing us with an unboxing and initial card evaluation


Ok, I checked up on that thread A Question of Timing @ BBG and you are right. As far as I can tell, you CAN in fact swap the location of this card after the shadow card is revealed.

Bilben04 wrote:
On page 18, under "Resolving Enemy Attacks" it says, "When resolving enemy attacks, the players follow these 4 steps, in order. Players may play event cards and take actions at the end of each step." Then it lists the four steps as:
1. Choose an enemy
2. Declare defender
3. Resolve shadow effect
4. Determine combat damage

I saw these 4 steps as global to the entire combat phase. While, now from what you said I am thinking that you go though these steps for each character involved in combat. So say you have 3 attacking monsters, that you are defending with 3 characters, I thought that the "determine combat damage" step (and teh other steps for that matter) were golbal, as in they happen to all the characters at once, this would mean once combat is started, they are ALL in combat at once, so there is no time to move the mark.