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Type: Asset: Ambush
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp Jinteki
Faction Cost: 2
If Snare! is accessed from R&D, the Runner must reveal it.

If you pay 4 [Credits] when the Runner accesses Snare!, do 3 net damage and give the Runner 1 tag. Ignore this effect if the Runner accesses Snare! from Archives.
Set: Core Number: 070 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Alice Duke
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Can I use it's ability when the runner accesses this in my HQ?
Oct 05 2012 06:08 PM
Yes, it is accessed whether it was found in your R&D, HQ or a remote server. The archives is the only place that you can't trigger it from.
Am I missing something because this card seems awful. Let's say you include all three, you might get the runner to draw it off R&D or out of your hand but meanwhile it sits in your hand taking up space. If you think you'll install it as a remote, whether you protect it with ice or not, it's obviously a trap when it is neither not advanced (clearly not an agenda or junebug) nor rezzed (melange, PAD, etc).
You are missing something. So long as runners run against HQ and R&D, it will be strong. Even though if it stays out for a turn it will be more or less exposed as a trap, it can really surprise a runner who get curious that first turn its out. But I will rarely play them, I've gladly had three in my hand before, especially against a criminal.
This card forces runner to care - if he recklesly runs with last click or too few cards in hand he can instantly lose the game agains deck that can deal damage. Also after a few turns of runner getting good hand 3 dmg means more than half of this good hand is now gone.

Paying 4 is not that little, sometimes it is not worth it. And bluffing with this one is not easy, but it can be done.
[but usually its better to leave it on hand so it protects you a bit when your HQ gets runned]
(unrezzed cards can be 3 difficulty agendas or 4 dificulty with one "magick trick" like trick of light or HBs additional action so even unadvanced cards are potentialy dangerous for runner, but i agree it often stays on board and becomes useless BankJob fodder)

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