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Type: ICE: Barrier
Cost: 4
Faction: Corp Neutral
Faction Cost: 0
[Subroutine] End the Run.
Strength: 4
Set: Creation and Control Number: 026 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Ed Mattinian
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For a richer deck, it's nice alternative option to Wall of Static, as even once the runner gets Corroder, Snowball or most the other barrier breakers out, this is still going to cost an extra credit every run.

Also good to have more midrange ice to choose from.
Agreed. Seems a little more worth the investment than a wall of static. Nothing special, but a decent cost to break; seems like a valid choice to me.
i like this card, even though it isn't "great", because it provides greater opportunity for deck tuning. corp economy not so great? Wall of Static will help. overabundance of credits? go with Bastion instead.

also, let us see which ice works best against each current barrier breaker..

Aurora - Wall of Static - 0 extra credits to break
Battering Ram - Bastion - 1 extra credit to break
Corroder - Bastion - 1 extra credit to break
Inti - Bastion - 2 extra credits to break
Morning Star - Wall of Static - 0 extra credits to break
Snowball - Bastion - 1 extra credit to break

so against 3 of 6 breakers, Bastion is slightly better than WoS
against 1 of 6 breakers, Bastion is much better than WoS
against 2 of 6 breakers, Bastion is worse than WoS, because Bastion costs more.
@striatic: And of the breakers you list, 2 that it is slightly better against get the most common play - Corroder and Snowball. It's also +1 credit against Crypsis, and harder to break with Darwin :)
This isn't a replacement for Wall of Static, it's for those decks where 3x Wall of Static just isn't enough. If you have more disposable credits than disposable influence, run with this instead of Ice Walls.
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Ice Wall is expensive and cheap at the same time. Ice Wall is really for:
1) Decks where you can advance cards for free (Weyland Moving Upwards / Simone Diego)
2) For when the runner doesn't have a fracter out yet.

If you want a 3-advanced Ice Wall (same as Bastion, sort of) it costs $7 instead of the $4 for Bastion. I'm valuing the clicks used to advance Ice Wall at $1 each, which might not be correct.
Aug 01 2013 07:39 PM
Put another potentially more "correct" way, to get Ice Wall to Bastion (or WoS for that matter) strength costs the same number of credits but 3 more clicks, aka the loss of a whole turn.
I don't see my self running this. WoS and Ice Wall are early game ice to keep the runner out of a server, preferably a remote. The cost of Bastion is a little too much for early game and it's not strong enough for late game either. And i don't like it later either, because it just ends the run.
I want my ETR run barries to be really cheap. If there would be a neutral 0/0 barrier, I would totally play it in just about every deck. Hadrians is still ok for just ETR, because it's so big, but Bastion sits in a weird place in the middle imo.
Aug 19 2013 05:56 AM
At this point, Atmans.

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