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Cerebral Overwriter

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Cerebral Overwriter

Cerebral Overwriter

Type: Asset: Ambush
Cost: 0
Faction: Corp Haas-Bioroid
Faction Cost: 2
Cerebral Overwriter can be advanced.
If you pay 3 [Credits] when the Runner accesses Cerebral Overwriter, do 1 brain damage for each advancement token on Cerebral Overwriter.
Set: Creation and Control Number: 009 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Ed Mattinian
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This will play an important part in a new brain-damage-flatline deck archetype that it seems C&C has created for HB.

This will also be a really punishing card to splash into a Jinteki or Weyland deck, as just a bit of brain damage makes a meat or net damage flatline so much easier to pull off afterwards.
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Jul 24 2013 03:01 PM
Yeah, Jinteki will love this. But I think i will stick to splashing 'Agressive Secretary' (Big surprise! No Ronin at three!)
Why oh why wasn't this card printed in red....
This is what edge of the world wishes it could be.
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against Criminal, i like this better than Aggressive Secretary. the faction has fewer programs available to target, and is better at operating without programs.

against Shaper, the Dumpster Diving ID won't mind having programs trashed at all, so this is better than Aggressive Secretary against that. Test Run can also fish programs from the heap, so that's a strike against Aggressive Secretary too.

against Anarch, i think Aggressive Secretary is much better than Cerebral Overwriter. Anarch will likely have some brain damage mitigation tools for use with Stimhack, and will be prepared with Public Sympathy or other hand size boosters for use with Wyldside. Anarch also has more pesky virus programs to target if necessary.

the neat think is that between this and the secretary, you can sorta kinda start to see an HB shellgame deck.
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the neat think is that between this and the secretary, you can sorta kinda start to see an HB shellgame deck.

and with 22 influence, you might just see Ronin as well...

Edit: never mind, that identity can't splash from Jinteki.
Oh so fun. Even one run at this installed and double pumped will make anything down to good old PSF a killswitch.

Even if they negate it, they lose more in efficiency packing Public Sympathy / Filter / etc. into their decks to stop brain damage than I do for playing a card that distracts them and can make me win if it hits well.

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