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The Source

The Source

The Source

Type: Resource: Connection
Cost: 2
Faction: Runner Neutral
Faction Cost: 2
The advancement requirement of all agendas is increased by 1.
As an additional cost to steal an agenda, you must pay 3 [Credits].
Trash The Source when an agenda is stolen or scored.
Set: Creation and Control Number: 055 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Matt Zeilinger
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Did you notice this neutral card costs two influence? Yes, it's a first. Including this in ANY faction runner deck is going to use up some precious influence. Better be good...

On top of the influence cost, the Source costs the runner 5 credits by the time they have installed it and stolen an Agenda. This is obviously a pretty rough deal for the runner, so why would they want that?

The reason is the magic numbers it causes:
- 2-advance agendas can't be scored from HQ in one turn anymore.
- 3-advance agendas can't be scored from installed-but-not-advanced
- 3-advance agendas can't be scored from HQ in one turn via Biotic Labour or SanSan anymore.
- 5-advance agendas can't be scored over two turns anymore (via install-advance-advance, advance-advance-advance).

The most valuable of these is probably that it shuts down fast advance strategies, hard. But the effect on 5-advance agendas is pretty valuable too - now you'll get at least TWO turns to make a successful run on it. And you can make a mess of an NBN Never Advance strategy as well.

If your meta is big on Fast-Advance, this plus solid income, a running rig and HQ interface is likely to make short work of that.
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The prof cant use this * sad face
the influence cost is necessary because having three of these in your deck would be brutal for gameplay, even though the runner can only have one out at a time. eating into influence discourages this total unbalancing of Agendas.
This with Aesop's, love it.
A four advanced project atlas would still get a agenda counter, correct?

A four advanced project atlas would still get a agenda counter, correct?

Yep. The counters don't care about the cost to score it. The Agenda specifically says each counter over three.

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