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GS Shrike M2

GS Shrike M2

GS Shrike M2

Type: Program: Icebreaker - Killer - Cloud
Cost: 5 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Sunny
Faction Cost: 2
If you have at least 2 [Link] , the memory cost of GS Shrike M2 is 0, even if it is not installed.
2 [Credit] : Break any number of
sentry subroutines.
2 [Credit] : +3 strength.

Strength: 1
Set: Data and Destiny Number: 49 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Donald Crank
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Aug 11 2015 04:20 PM

It's a KillerShrike! *badumm-ksch*

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Aug 11 2015 05:02 PM

Death From Above!



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I feel the love.

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Practically speaking, this is as good or better than Creeper against everything but Data Hound and Guard, for a bit more influence.

absolute best of Sunny's breakers.  i think this one will see lots of splashes out of faction.  definitely worth the influence imo, and anyone splashing for Mimic / Datasucker can save a card slot by swapping the influence for one of these.  and if there's influence to spare, keeping Datasucker can help keep breaking the lower-str sentries as cheap as Mimic with the added flexibility of having a reliable answer for things like Susanoo and Archer

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This card contests for being the best pumpable Sentry breaker in the game. Comparable to Garrote, the breaking cost may be cheaper (e.g. Komainu) or more expensive (e.g. Neural Katana), but it costs less memory, influence, and credits to install. The "break any number of subroutines" can be highly relevant against ice-kill decks, as sentries with lots of routines can be deadly (Komainu) or destroy an entire rig (Information Overload.) With GS Shrike, you can finally go Tag-Me without fear of Information Overload!


Shapers in particular should take a long hard look at this card. Criminals have Faerie for safety against ice-kill, and the best other pumpable killers, while Anarch is more keen to run Mimic + Datasucker, or an AI breaker supported by Mimic. Shapers have no great in-faction killer, but have the ability to easily search for any breaker on the fly, making splashing breakers trivially easy. Their best option was previously often Femme Fatale, but that's inordinately expensive. GS Shrike is cheaper to install and usually cheaper to operate.


It's debatable whether Shrike or Sherman (the fracter) is better, seeing as how Sherman is in direct competition with Corroder - same influence cost and approximately the same install/breaking costs. But there will never be a direct comparison between different types of breakers.

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Shrike has to be the most 'normal' sentry breaker.  One memory, reasonable cost, cheap to pump and cheap to break.  Best for the sentries that mimic has trouble with.  6 to get through Susan, 2 to get through Komainu.  Mimic + Shrike will deal with anything.  I wouldn't be surprised if this became the main shaper sentry breaker at least.  I am a little surprised that it's so strong (for a killer).

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