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Force of Nature

Force of Nature

Force of Nature

Type: Program: Icebreaker - Decoder
Cost: 5 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 1
2 [Credits]: Break up to 2 code gate subroutines.
1 [Credits]: +1 strength.
It always strikes twice.
Strength: 1
Set: A Study in Static Number: 62 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Ed Mattinian
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I believe that's strength 1, not 10...
What possible reason could anyone have for running this POS? 1 more cred than gordian blade and worse strength and an extra cred lost to toll booth. BLECH!
Mar 19 2013 10:19 AM
You don't always play Shaper, and don't have infinite influence available while deckbuilding.
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What he said. Running two of these instead of Gordian Blades in your anarch run-centric deck (like, say, Whizzard) means you can pack two more Inside Jobs, for instance. Surely you see how that could possibly be worth the tradeoff? :)
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I think it would be good in a Kit deck.
almost as bad as tyrant... almost ><

I think it would be good in a Kit deck.

Why on earth would you run this over Gordian Blade or Yog?
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Lol for real man, it's the worst decoder in existance. Its 1 influence cost should tip you off about that.
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influence is not a tip in anything. Yog and Mimic are 1 influence are not considered bad breakers by anyone :P
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Not at all, but they need a specialized series of support cards if you want to use them as general purpose breakers, cards that cost more influence themselves.
Mar 27 2013 09:49 PM
It's basically an in faction breaker. So if you are tight on INF points then it's an option ... not a great one but still an option. I would rather take Crypsis. Still the same cost all in all. Yes you do have to use an action to place a Virus counter in order to break a sub on a piece of ICE but you have to use 2 creds to break a sub with FON anyway when it comes to Code Gates. So from an economy point of view, Click=Cred, it's the same and you can break all ICE types with Crypsis ^_^.

Lol for real man, it's the worst decoder in existance.

Anyone who ever tried to use Peacock to get through anything will strongly disagree.

...you have to use 2 creds to break a sub with FON anyway when it comes to Code Gates.

I'm not so convinced this reasoning is sound. Been playing Crypsis as my main Code Gate breaker for a while now and there's two issues with this:

a) a lot of code gates actually have 2 or more subroutines, so you're really only paying 1 per subroutine (or 1.5 per, in the case of 3 subroutines) to break through with FoN
B) Crypsis ain't so hot for one simple reason: you can't bank actions over multiple turns the way you can bank credits. The best you can do in the case of Crypsis is you can place a Virus counter... but the Corp can take that away much more easily,
Peacock is much better than this.
Apr 01 2013 05:57 AM
well you wouldn´t be running this outside anarch deck anyways. And with the mulitude of ICE-strenght-reducing for anarchs FoN is ok if you wanna save your influence for something else
Yog is the best decoder in the game if you can reduce strength. It could be pay 1 break 2 subroutines and 1 less cost, or at least less initial cost, as it is it looks kinda pointless maybe some limited scope of anarch decks that for some reason cant run yog, or some really hi-str code gates coming.
It's basically infrastructure for anarch decks that don't care about running viruses. It exists because it has to exist.
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Apr 02 2013 11:38 AM
Yog is the most cost efficient Decoder in the game, especially when you can put it on Dinosaurus, or get Personal Touches on it.
So far I would say, the best decoder is Gordian Blade: costs less, has a higher base STR and can break single subroutines.
So why does force of nature exist: as wolfone says: it has to.
Every Faction should have their base set of Icebreakers with increasable strength.
Yog is a Great card, so is mimic, but thei are just not the archetypical baseline Icebreakers that can handle any Code Gate/Sentry, given the money, they are limited.

So long story short: Force of nature isn't Gordian Blade, but it hasn't to. ANd its neither Aurora/Peacock/Pipeline either.

could you explain to me, why you would say peacock is better?
it breaks 1 SR for 2 creds.
I just looked over the Code Gates and see that due to the very low base str force of nature actually looses against some Code gates compared to Peackock, especially because most Codegates only have 1 SR.
I assume that is the reason, although Peackock is still a bad card imho.
Exactly what you said TheBarracuda, Force of Nature usually ends up being either the same cost or 1 credit more than Peacock, while costing 2 more Credits to install. There are only specific cases where it's cheaper, and they disappear if E3 Feedback Implants are installed.

Thus Peacock is supposed to be an average decoder, Force of Nature a bad one and Gordian Blade the best
Apr 02 2013 01:06 PM
I gound three cases where force of nature actually is better: Enigma, Hourglass and Viper, all thre have multiple SR and are in an unfavorble Strength range for Peacock.

But a win on 3 the same on 3 and loss on the rest makes force of nature subpar, though Ice Carver, paraties and Datasuckers change the game again, but then yog comes again. ;)

Funny thing that peacock, the aurora for code gates, is a ebtter Icebreaker then Aurora, because code gates tend to fewer subroutines (4/11 vs 4/9)
yes and all those cases revolve around losing clicks so you could play around those.
Agree with Wolfone88 on Peacock vs FoN.
As for Peacock vs Aurora, the SR of ice you commonly encounter also makes Aurora worse and Peacock not as bad.

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