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Oversight AI

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Oversight AI

Oversight AI

Type: Operation: Condition
Cost: 1
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Faction Cost: 2
Rez a piece of ice, ignoring all costs, and install Oversight AI on that ice as a hosted condition counter with the text "Trash host ice if all its subroutines are broken during a single encounter."
Set: A Study in Static Number: 079 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Mark Anthony Tacuran
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Very nice if you are running big ice with lots is sub routines. This card loves archer!
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Mar 19 2013 10:21 AM
Or Janus
Janus is great for this unless the runner has an E3. Then it sucks :)
E3 is great against Janus with or without this card.

This card REALLY shines with those "may not be advanced until rezzed" cards.
What happens to the AI if the ice is derezzed?

What happens to the AI if the ice is derezzed?

It should just stick onto it and have no real effect until it is rerezzed.
Best corp card in the set imho.
Does this affect the bad publicity taken with Swarm?

Does this affect the bad publicity taken with Swarm?

No. Taking the bad publicity is not a cost.

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