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Private Contracts

Private Contracts

Private Contracts

Type: Asset: Transaction
Cost: 3
Faction: Corp Neutral
Faction Cost: 0
Place 14 [Credits] from the bank on Private Contracts when it is rezzed. When there are no credits left on Private Contracts, trash it.
[Click]: Take 2 [Credits] from Private Contracts.
Set: Cyber Exodus Number: 059 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Mauricio Herrera
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Another new income card for corps that is mediocre enough to be played without ICE defence and unlikely to be trashed by the runner.
Actually, I would trash this one. Contrary to Mining corp, this asset allows the corp to gain money (by taking 4 credits on it) *and* to develop by installing ices or upgrades, during the same turn. It's not a bad card at all, I see no reason not to play over, say, your regular pad campaign.
It's bad, but corps are so desperete for economy now. They will run it :(

Quick analyzis:
gain 14 - rez 3 = 11
but you also spend - 7(sic) actions, 1 draw, 1 play = ~8-9 actions
(should be worth more than 1 credit per action but sadly theyre not worth much more)
so net gain is... 3-4 credits... for a card that takes 3 turns to benefit from
compare to hedge funds instant +4 (+3 counting 1 action +2 counting draw, but still comparable gain...)

If you rez it and at the beggining of turn and use all 3 actions you get to... +3... so it did nothing... that's how bad it is...

And makes you bank job prone (unless you want to waste ICE protecting this...)

There are some factors that make it less bad:
- no good econ alternative
- hi chance of forcing runner to check it so he also wastes resources
- trash cost; its not high enough IMO, but its not a card runner will want to trash anyway
- possibility to rez it when you know account siphon got you

Probably better economy will stay in-fraction.

See old netrunner versions of this kind of card:
or HBs adonis campaign
In testing, I was very unimpressed. I much prefer the subtle money-gain of PAD Campaign, Adonis Campaign, and even Marked Accounts. I've got better things to do with my clicks.
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8 clicks to install and then clear Private Contracts takes 3 turns. PAD campaign would give you 8 creds over 8 actions if all you did was install it and click for credits. Contracts nets 11 but is then gone, while PAD stays on into turn 4 or beyond. Hedge Fund will similarly give you 11 credits over 8 actions (1 to play, 7 for 1 credit each). Seems like if you don't have 3x PAD and 3x Hedge Fund in your deck already, Private Contracts is a total waste. It's only possible use would be if you need MORE marginal economy beyond those 6 cards and don't want to invest influence in Adonis or other OOF econ cards.
Jun 25 2013 06:31 PM
What's interesting about this card to me is that it provides another thing for the Runner to run on (or consider running on) that I'd be perfectly fine with them burning credits to trash. If they don't trash it and I'm able to pay it out fully, it's effectively the same as a Hedge Fund (albeit MUCH slower). It may not be the greatest card for instant economy, but it can pay out faster than any other Corp economy asset and if you're like me, you spend a lot of turns clicking for credits anyway, so it rewards you for doing something you were going to do whether it was there or not.
Sep 02 2013 09:41 PM
As of today, this lives in my NBN deck, and it works. I actually prefer it to MMC because although it gives less insta-burst economy, it allows me to take other actions in the same turn AND has a substantially higher trash cost. If you see MMC in a remote with unrezzed ICE, you know you just need to break the ICE with a single credit left... this is a whole different game, and the runner really has to consider how much they need make before attempting to run it.
The difference is MMC makes big money, this takes forever to make really small money.
But it does make some, trash is substantial (matters especially when RnD is compromised and MMC will get trashed before you can try to use them), and 3 rez can be advantage against Syphon.
Less awful than my initial impression but still not strong by any means.
Sep 03 2013 02:04 PM
Don't get me wrong, I know without question MMC makes more money, and if you can protect it makes it fast. When I first saw this card I dismissed it out of hand as a poor choice, but trying to run with only drip economy plus Hedge Fund was too painful, so I thought I'd test this.

The reason I prefer this currently over MMC is the flexibility combined with the trash cost. Of course, your mileage may vary dependent on deck build and strategy.

I'd never really considered the Account Siphon denial angle, but I do like that - not only does it protect you from losing too much, it also gives you a way to recover.

Edit: Also, I really dislike the type of straightforward analysis people try and apply to cards like this. Yes, if you rez at turn start and click three times, you only net 3 creds (which would be the same as if you did nothing but click for 1 cred three times). HOWEVER you are now in a position to make cash over your next turns at an increased rate, and the runner will have to spend a considerable amount to deny this to you (a click and a minimum of 5 creds, barring cards like Imp). If you pick the right moment to rez it, this can be a really nice credit swing in your favour, enabling higher cost/risk actions over your next turns.

Armitage Codebusting is much-maligned for the same reason, and by the same logic I think it's a better card than people treat it as.
Apr 29 2014 04:48 PM
The text-listed trash cost "Trash: 3", is incorrect, the image clearly lists 5 as the trash cost.

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