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Project Vitruvius

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Project Vitruvius

Project Vitruvius

Type: Agenda: Research
Advancement Cost: 3
Faction: Corp Haas-Bioroid
When you score Project Vitruvius, place 1 agenda counter on it for each advancement token on it over 3.
Hosted agenda counter: Add 1 card from Archives to HQ.
Agenda Points: 2
Set: Cyber Exodus Number: 051 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Emilio Rodriguez
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It combos nicely with ABT and trashed agendas
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Feb 14 2013 09:34 PM
The risk of this makes advancable ambushes a little less obvious after the first couple turns.
Damit, HB domination till next pack...
seriously, Jinteki, NBN and Wayland need new agendas too :(
and this one is kinda really strong - 2 pts for 3, and for more you get insanely good tokens.

"Combo with ATB" is not how i would say it, it rather makes failed ABT hurt less
but helps a ton against noise - he starts increasing your hand
if you run Hedge fund (and you do as HB) counters can be burned for 1click -> 4 cash
all your melange mines are coming back, adonis as well
and any one time tricky card you put in the deck, be it trick of light, closed accounts, snare, edge of world, scorched, secretary, troubleshooter etc is coming back when you want it

i love archived memories, and those counters are so much better
I'm not sold on the efficiency of repeated hedge funds. In order to get a token on vitruvius you are already spending at least 1 click and 1 action. To use that counter to retrieve a hedge fund and then play it means 2 clicks for 3 credits; hardly better than the default 2 for 2. Not to mention the difficulty of getting counters on vitruvius in the first place...

I do, however, completely agree that this is one of the most powerful agendas in the game. The longer the game goes on the better it is, and HB is pretty good at making games go a long time.
You don't spend actions on using those counters. I agree there often are more important things to do with counters, but if you need cash, have some counters, 5 cash and hedge in archives there aren't many things (is there anything else) that can net you 4 cash for a single click.

Advancing vitruvius is click + 1 cash, using hedge from archives is click + token
So for 2 clicks and one cash you get 4 cash, netting 2click -> 3 cash. (as you said)
Its not that inefficient as a money maker, but risking losing vitrivius is too much for me, and there are other things you can do with it.(so i kinda agree, but what other corp moneymakers get you unlimited 50% gain, and this doesn't cost you card space as you need to include agendas anyway)

Im not saying vitruvius is a good moneymaker, but it is a viable option in some situations.

Getting all your Snare! (core) from archives into hand after runner decided to aces is much more fun though :D

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