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Eve Campaign

Eve Campaign

Eve Campaign

Type: Asset: Advertisement
Cost: 5
Faction: Corp Haas-Bioroid
Faction Cost: 3
Place 16 [Credits] from the bank on Eve Campaign when it is rezzed. When there are no credits left on Eve Campaign, trash it.
When your turn begins, take 2 [Credits] from Eve Campaign.
Set: Humanity's Shadow Number: 092 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Sara K. Diesel
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One thing is for certain, it makes for a welcome change to be able to find bikini models instead of half-naked men on corporate servers.
That said, the only thing I like about this card is the trash costs, while it picks up in the long term economy, I think I still prefer to use Adonis/Marked Accounts/PAD campaign for my economy, unless I desperately can't spare the 3xfaction influence on MA.

Speaking of influence, this one feels very wrong, should have been 1-2 max.
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Looks like it works well in the HB no-ICE deck as a supplement to Adonis and PAD. But with only an 11 credit profit over 8 turns, I just don't know why it would go elsewhere.
So, doing the math and comparing it to the three other Assets of this type, the payoffs for the following turns look like this:


Periods are to preserve spacing, c denotes that a click was spent, x denotes that the asset was trashed this turn.
Looking at it like this, Eve looks comparable to PAD campaign in the first 4 turns after rez, and looks surprisingly similar to Marked Accounts,
even if you discount the requirement to load it up with clicks. Adonis remains the best of the bunch, trumping all other assets in terms of RoR with ease, up to two turns after it goes dry.

In the long term, it seems that eve is a sound investment, after all. While I still think the entry cost is too prohibitive, unless you intend to bait the runner into losing clicks and money by setting it up on an unprotected remote, which is a fair plan in my books.
Thanks for the analysis. Looks like it would be a decent replacement for PAD after all, at least for an HB deck. That 5 credit start up cost is a pretty huge turn off though.
problem I have with this card is that i kinda sits between Adonis and PAD campaign, which means I don't have server for it. Adonis is cheap to trash, but is used up quick so I put it in a strong server, PAD is expensive to trash but sticks around so I put it in weak/naked server, I don't know what you'd do with Eve. You want to protect it because it takes time to pay itself back, but it stays around so long you don't want it in your main server, but it costs a lot to trash so the runner has to pay to get rid of it, but it costs a lot to rez so the runner hurts you more by getting rid of it.
I think it can have place, but it doesn't fit the current HB asset gameplan.
Just have one Eve server, and don't play a second one until the first one is done. It doesn't even have to be heavily protected, a Wall of Static or something like that should be just fine. Hell, maybe the best ice to put Eve behind would be Popup window - you make money so they can lose money... sounds fair to me :)
Eve was my sugar mama all day at the last regional. Several things can happen:
  • She gets pulled from my hand and trashed. Would you play a card that says "When this card is accessed, the runner loses 5c?" I would.
  • I install her (and isn't that a double entendre considering HB's product line) into an unguarded remote. Runner runs on a remote, maybe loses 5c, but at the very least spent time running something I didn't care about.
  • I install her, rez her, and she gets trashed. There's no real upside to this, unless she's bait to keep the runner off the server I care about.
  • I install her, rez her, and get enough credits off her to make back my investment. So, Yahtzee.
So the way I look at it, out of 4 possible outcomes, 3 of them are good for me and the one that isn't can still be part of a Xanatos Gambit. I love this card. Maybe not in every deck, but very solid.
I still prefer Adonis. I know all of his perks are lesser. But he also gets your investment back quicker which helps against really aggressive runners. Eve takes a bit to get going.
An interesting, skill testing card (rez or not? trash or not?)... but I have a dislike (as runner) for expensive-to-trash assets. Feels like I can't play against them unless I have Paricia, Scrubber, and/or Whizzard, but those cards are useless against corps that haven't got any trash costs.

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