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Type: Hardware: Console
Cost: 4
Faction: Runner Criminal
Faction Cost: 2
+ 1 [Memory Units]
Your maximum hand size is increased by 1.Whenever the Corp scores an agenda, you may search your stack for a card and add it to your grip. Shuffle your stack.
Limit 1 console per player.
Set: Honor and Profit Number: 037 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Agri Karuniawan
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This card is pretty good, but its main problem is that it is competing with one of the best runner cards in the game, and that's a competition that I just don't see this card winning.
This is a respectable alternative, although it lacks Desperado's terrifying power and focus.

I love this card.


It allows to spare a lot of both influence and slots by playing many situational 1-offs (Oracle May, Quality Time, Hades Shard).

Even the 'maximum 1 per deck' cards are no longer an issue.


Plus a stupid combo with Fall Guy & The Source:
- Have the source and Fall Guy in play

- When the Corp scores, trash a Fall Guy instead of The Source, then immediately tutor another Fall Guy with Logos.

Jan 10 2015 12:26 AM

After H&P dropped I was kind of "meh" on this card, and honestly only ran it because my playset of Desperado was in another deck I didn't want to take apart.


However, I've come around on it; many times I've been able to reverse a losing board state by pulling the one card I desperately needed after the corp scores, and leverage that to turn the game around.


I've run this in both Iain and Leela to great results. Desperado is perhaps the best console in the game overall, but Logos might be the best console available for a runner going for more of a control style vs run run run.

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