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Type: Program: Virus
Cost: 1 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 1
When Diwan is installed, choose a server. As an additional cost to install a card in or protecting that server, the Corp must pay 1 [Credit] .
Trash Diwan if the Corp purges virus counters.

Strength: -
Set: Business First Number: 21 Quantity:
Illustrator: Lili Ibrahim
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Mar 07 2016 07:28 PM

If you manage to install these in the early game, they seem okay. In mid to late game they are worthless though.

This card makes me chuckle, as the name means 'couch' in my language. Can't help but imagine the servers being clogged with furniture while a Runner takes them apart with a Knife and a Fork.


These seem like a natural include in some Noise builds, as well as an interesting card for Reina Roja, where the whole idea is to hinder ice progression anyway.

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It's a virus; Djinn exists, so it shouldn't be too hard to get out there early. Tries to strangle the scoring server -- out too early and the Corp just makes a different scoring server, so it's not an easy play. Dropping 2 or 3 late can still have a serious effect on the Corp's ability to install and advance that last Agenda.


It's unsexy because it's a card that tries to accumulate gradual advantage, which is always difficult to assess. More than 1 on the board early forces the purge, so some Sacrificial Construct or recursion is necessary for maximum effect.


Could be excellent in a Vamp deck; better than 2-stars in the right context. Sitting on the board by itself, it does nothing against Agendas that can be fast-advanced in the open, so Clot may help, but then the Runner has doubled the targets for the purge.


Installing it on the Corp's turn, when money is tight and the Astrotrain is chugging ahead, could be its best use against FA, but Clot is a better tool. At the same time, Diwan is surely better than Clot against a glacier deck.

Yeah, but if the Astro train is already off and going next copies can be installed in a different server, and the SanSan will usually be a bigger threat.


This is a central pressure tool just like the rest of the "purge me softly" virus suite (except Clot, of course). Find it early, choose RnD, enjoy your free purge. Then just drop the next one.


There is an excellent amount of tempo swing locked in this card, with the downside that you have to find it in the first 4-5 turns. Just keep your eyes on the center and hammer on. Also only 1 influence. You know what to do.

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