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PAD Factory

PAD Factory

PAD Factory

Type: Asset: Alliance - Facility
Cost: 2
Faction: Corp Neutral
Faction Cost: 2
This card costs 0 influence if you have 3 PAD Campaigns in your deck.
[Click] : Place 1 advancement token on a card. You cannot score that card until your next turn begins.
Trash: 3
Set: Business First Number: 38 Quantity:
Illustrator: Caleb Souza
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No decks currently use this card.
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Mar 07 2016 07:01 PM

In my opinion, the rez cost is a bit too high while the trash cost is a bit too low. 1/4 would be more appropriate, I think. If it survives, you may install-advance-advance agendas and ambushes for free, which is nice.


Also, the Alliance condition is pretty easy to meet.

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Agreed. The costs neuter it. A pity, as I think it may otherwise have found a niche.

Mar 08 2016 10:13 AM

Agreed. The costs neuter it. A pity, as I think it may otherwise have found a niche.


Perhaps coupled with Executive Boot Camp? It reduces the rez cost of your PAD Campaigns as well, so that might be a nice synergy.


Scratch that. EBC and PAD Campaign don't work together.

Nov 28 2016 07:39 PM

This card is decent in the right set up. It's similar to Shipment from SanSan in click efficiency and tempo gain. Using it to advance agendas is obviously not a great idea, but advancing other things (assets, ice) with it can be efficient.


I'm using it in a Titan space ice / trick of the light / project atlas deck. I stick one of these behind a single gear check ice, wait for the next turn, then rez click click click to advance a space ice or a fire / ice wall, etc. It's a good filler play, useful when I'm waiting on a scoring window.


Even if the runner runs and trashes before I rez it, it is a decent tax. If I get 1 solid turn of use out of it, it saves me $1 net which minus the click to install is a break even. If the runner then decides to trash it, again that's a favorable trade for me. If they don't trash it, I'll use it again and again and again as the game progresses. As soon as I use it a second time, it's pure profit. So basically the worst case scenario is break even.


There's also a nice mini-synergy in that the $9 space ice with 3 advances from PAD Factory are basically free to rez. The space ice are a bit weaksauce due to having only 1 sub, but if I'm not paying any real money to rez them they get a lot better. And after they are rezzed, the tokens fuel ToL so it's just good gravy all around. 

Nov 29 2016 05:34 PM

I'd like to point out that there isn't the usual "on a card that can be advanced" clause. You could install-advance-advance something like a Snare, Shock or News Team to fake an Agenda.

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