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Palana Foods

 Palana Foods

Palana Foods

Type: Identity: Division
Faction: Corp Jinteki
The first time each turn the Runner draws a card, gain 1 [Credit] .
We Are What We Eat.
Minimum Deck Size/Influence Limit: 45/15
Set: Business First Number: 30 Quantity:
Illustrator: Emilio Rodriguez
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No decks currently use this card.
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Mar 07 2016 06:32 PM

We're talking about Jinteki here. The runner will draw cards every turn anyways - and you profit from that fact.


In addition, I can imagine this in a deck with Palana Agroplex (triggers your ID even in your own turn) and Harvester. The runner will propably burn through his deck faster than MaxX. Which in return makes the damage you deal permanent, as the runner can't draw cards from an empty deck. To counter this strategy, the runner may include hard-recursion (Levy/Trope), so you want to include Chronos Projects as well.

I anticipate CBI Raid getting the most attention, but for me this is the most exciting card in the pack. This probably won't quite make EtF levels of bank, but I expect it will come damn close.

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I have been playing with this a bit and it is a great identity - against most anarchs it will probably make you more money than EtF.


Two other points:

  • most runners will draw every turn fairly early on as they search for their set-up, so you get a really strong start.  I have found that I can treat nasty but expensive ice like Tollbooth and DNA Tracker as early game protection providing there is one hedge fund in my opening hand.
  • Because the ID is gain 1cr pretty much every runner turn you are not signposting any strategy; you can go glacier or shell game or tagstorm or wide asset rich or whatever takes your fancy.

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