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Information Sifting

Information Sifting

Information Sifting

Type: Event: Run
Cost: 1
Faction: Runner Criminal
Faction Cost: 3
Make a run on HQ. If successful, instead of accessing cards, the Corp separates all cards in HQ into 2 facedown piles. Access all of the cards in one of the piles; you cannot access any cards in the other pile this run.
Set: The Liberated Mind Number: 79 Quantity:
Illustrator: A. Jones
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May 23 2016 07:04 PM

You're playing Laramy Fisk. Click 1: Fisk Investment Seminar, Click 2: Information Sifting. :D


I like that it creates decision-making on the Corp side. We need more interactive cards like this.

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All kinds of fun mind games here: the Corp puts 4 cards into 1 pile and 1 agenda into the other . . . etc.


Tough choices for both sides. Fun design.

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Jun 01 2016 05:32 PM

It's fun. The sweet spot is if you think the corp is agenda flooded. Also, having mechanisms to efficiently trash cards makes it more likely you can get something out of the exchange even if you whiff on agendas. 


It seems to compete with Legwork, but in faction at least I think it is usable in the same deck as Legwork to deepen the event based multi-access without needing recursion support.


Seems like a decent Express card in particular.


There's also an interesting "iocane powder" line of play when the corp has exactly 3 cards, from a game theory perspective. Assuming the corp has only one agenda, and they have to make a pile of 2 cards and a pile of 1 card, which pile do they put the agenda into? Assuming the runner will opt to maximize their access by choosing the pile with 2 cards, the corp may opt to put the agenda in the 1 card pile. However the runner might expect that and thus choose that pile. But the corp may anticipate that the runner is not a great fool and thus might put the agenda in the pile with 2 cards, but the runner...etc...

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