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Red Tape

Red Tape

Red Tape

Type: ICE: Code Gate
Cost: 2
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
Faction Cost: 1
[Subroutine] All ice has +3 strength for the remainder of this run.
Bureaucracy. Noun. A shell-game played by the rich with prosperity as the ball. The trick is that there is no ball.-The Anarch’s Dictionary, Volume Who’s Counting?
Strength: 5
Set: The Liberated Mind Number: 93 Quantity:
Illustrator: Tim Durning
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May 23 2016 06:39 PM

Are my eyes fooling me? A decent Weyland Code Gate!?


5 strength, 2 to rez - nice! Its effect is also very good, as it makes some ICE either unbreakable by certain breakers or, at the very least, very expensive. Datapike costs 4 credits with Rex, Spiderweb costs 6 credits with Corroder, Cobra costs a whopping 5 credits with Mongoose, ... the only downside is that it must be placed as a topper in already well-defended servers. Well, it's a glacier ICE.

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This, in front of a good old Chum, is the Runner's road to unhappiness: either expensive or painful. Like many Code Gates, it's necessarily a combo-card, so shares that weakness.

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