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Government Takeover

Government Takeover

Government Takeover

Type: Agenda: Expansion
Advancement Cost: 9
Faction: Corp The Weyland Consortium
[Click] : Gain 3 [Credit] .
Limit 1 Government Takeover per deck.
It is essential to liberate a populace from tyranny before that tyranny takes root.
Agenda Points: 6
Set: Order and Chaos Number: 6 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Matt Zeilinger
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Feb 05 2015 08:50 PM

Wow. This just seems unplayable to me, in any deck. Nine to advance is absurd.


Kind of a missed opportunity too. If it were not limited to one per deck, and they printed a Weyland identity with a 40 card minimum size, you could take 3 of these for 18 total agenda points. The size of the agenda would be mitigated because any two stolen would lose the game but that would be no different than it already is. A deck with 44 cards, only three of which are agendas, and Punitive Counterstrike plus other kill combos, would be a lean mean flatlining machine.

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It would be a lean, mean flatlining machine. Which is very likely why they DIDN'T make this card like that, LOL! I think this card is very flavorful and a lot of fun. But it has no place in a serious tournament deck. There are just too many times that the runner randomly lucks into it on the top of R&D and the corp is pretty much guaranteed to lose that game. Its Secret Plans for World Domination version 2.0 heh heh!

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Feb 11 2015 12:17 PM

I'm sure I've seen a preview of a card that costs the runner 2 credits per advancement token on an agenda in order to steal it.  The problem is I cannot remember where or when.  There's a good chance I just imagined it!


If that card exists, then Government takeover would be a fun match with it!

You're thinking of Utopia Fragment in The Source data pack. Limit 1 per deck, so it's not all that reliable.

Feb 11 2015 01:17 PM

Ah, yes.  that's the one.  Not reliable at all then.  Shame - may still be fun to try! Those two Agendas would be 9 points of your 21.  3 Project Atlas and 3 Glenn Station (to search out and protect the two singles) and you'd still have 41 cards to fill your deck with...  This might be viable in a  taxing Gagarin Deep Space build.  Keep the runner poor while you build up your Glacier and score the big guns if you can, but knowing the smaller Agendas will serve just as well.  I may look at building this...

A 9/6 agenda looks rather awkward and very difficult to score.

Yet it can be considered for workarounds:

  • A 6 point agenda in a deck makes it lean. In a 49 card Weyland deck, it is possible to play with only 6 agendas. Adding JacksonArchitectFast TrackAtlas and Archived Memories, it might be possible to avoid this card all game long.

  • Card can be hosted on a scored Glenn Station and then simply forgotten for the whole duration of the game. It would then be hard to score or steal points.

  • You can install and continuously advance it until it gets stolen. The turn after, play a Punitive Counterstrike.

  • A good companion to the Off the Grid / Crisium Grid combo. Prestige matters.

  • With a scored Utopia Fragment it is not that easy to steal indeed.

Now let's be less serious... this one's for you, Timmy:

Its ability "3 credits for a click" is bonkers but... I doubt it gets competitive. The definitive Timmy agenda, in my humble opinion.

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Mar 04 2015 07:37 PM



Nice breakdown. Thanks for taking the time to do that.

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It would be so satisfying to score this out of hand with Psychographics

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