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Beach Party

Beach Party

Beach Party

Type: Resource
Cost: 0
Faction: Runner Neutral
Faction Cost:
When your turn begins, lose [Click] .
Your maximum hand size is increased by 5.

So much to do. So little time.
Set: Breaker Bay Number: 31 Quantity:
Illustrator: Antonio De Luca
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Add Duggar's and Chronotype, because Anarchs just really love a good party.

Apr 28 2015 12:17 AM

As a thought experiment, let's imagine a card that is the exact opposite of this one...

Go Big Or Go Home

Type: Resource
Cost: 0
Faction: Runner Neutral
Faction Cost: 0

When your turn begins, gain [click].
Your maximum hand size is reduced by 5.

"It's kinda like when they pull the goalie out in hockey..."
Set: Notional Alley Number: 1 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Acul Ed Oinotna

Would I want to play that card? No, of course not. Losing 5 cards from my hand size limit is not worth gaining 1 click, even if I could mitigate that by using other +hand size cards. So clearly, I would value +5 maximum hand size more than a click. And thus, from a certain robotic / pure logic point of view Beach Party would seem like a good card as I can do the reverse and trade a click for something that I value more highly than a click.


+5 hand size does have some benefits beyond just having more cards in hand. It offers direct protection against damage. It mitigates against brain damage. It also increases the likelihood of assembling multi-card combos. Paired with powerful draw cards such as Quality Time and Game Day it has some solid synergy.


So, thus far, there are good reasons to include this card in at least some decks.


However, trading a click for an entirely passive benefit is painful. Compared to Wyldside which will keep my hand full (too full sometimes) for a lost click, this seems not quite as good. Even compared to the bad Hard At Work, at least that gives me money and starts turning a real profit if played early enough to offset its absurd install cost. Credits are good; they pay for all my stuff after all. Even the very specialized Qianju PT will protect me from a tag, sparing me a click and $2 and protecting any overly sensitive cards that trash on tag.


Also, I run up against Sweeps Week a lot. I don't really want to be losing a click to potentially give my opponent +$5 per Sweeps Week. I also don't want to break five more subroutines on Komainu.


"But wait, what about Chronotype?", you might say.


Well, it's a 3 cost 2 influence Anarch card that if played in conjunction with this card makes it +5 maximum hand size with no downside.


But, if I want to play 2 cards to get a big hand size with no downside, I would play 2 Public Sympathy. It would cost $1 more to install for one fewer extra card hand size, but there is no combo; each card is independently playable and provides immediate benefit with no downside, which is a much better trade due to tempo considerations. And outside of Anarch, it erases the influence cost of Chronotype.



So...yeah. There are uses for the card in the right deck, but I just can't see myself playing it.

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That's great analysis, and I agree . .  and yet . . . and yet I'm still going to try to make this work.


Just because my hand limit is 10 (or hey, 15) doesn't mean I'm smashing into Komainu with 15 cards in hand, especially with Hayley (a bigger hand ups the value of the cards that help you get the cards out of your hand quickly). It doesn't mean that the Corp's turn sees me with a pile of cards for Sweeps Week either: Psychic Field and Komainu are two cards I play in my Corp deck . . . a lot, so I have some sense of how to mitigate their effects.


Tossing a Game Day on click 4 or right before a run = probably a pretty dumb play. Tossing it on 1 and then clearing your hand to 5 or 6 before a big run = probably better. Running these cards without a way to empty your grip = possibly suicide.


It's a bit like Ekomind: the context murders it, until the Runner decides to pump up a massive hand, install Overmind with 18 tokens on it, then trashes Ekomind and the hand-inflating cards, going for recursion following that massive discard (Levy Lab becomes very efficient at this point). That strategy actually works here, and is massively sped up with Game Day, and you might run Public Sympathy in that deck too . . . but you can trash that Beach Party to Aesop's much more quickly, and there's something to that.


But I agree, in most cases, Public Sympathy is the much cleaner solution to get a little bit bigger hand.

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Apr 28 2015 06:30 PM

Yeah, playing this with Pawnshop (or, obligatory mention, Chopbot) and using it as a short term burst has some potential. Combined with Mass Install or perhaps with Haley or other click expansion tricks to explode onto the board has some potential as well.


Another thought, MaxX might be able to mitigate her flaw by setting her hand size up and buffering a lot of cards into her grip to protect them from trashing; the lost click from beach party plus her face ability is analogous to a weaker version of Wyldside.


So, yeah, you can definitely build a fun deck around this card. There are lots of cards that are not generally competitive but offer janky deck building opportunities. One of my favorite things as a player has always been to try to make workable decks out of "junk rares" / seldomly played but powerful niche cards. My critique is aimed more at the general use case rather than edge cases. As always, the point is to have fun, so if something quirky is also fun, I always say go for it. Personally, I'd rather lose a fun and well played game than win a unpleasant or ugly game.

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