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Game Day

Game Day

Game Day

Type: Event: Double
Cost: 1
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 3
As an additional cost to play this event, spend [Click] .
If you have fewer cards in your grip than your maximum hand size, draw cards until you have cards in your grip equal to your maximum hand size.

Homecoming meant Shark Week at Breaker Bay.
Set: Breaker Bay Number: 26 Quantity:
Illustrator: Matt Zeilinger
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A Game Day Beach Party is just the best! What kind of school is this?

    • theamazingmrg likes this
Apr 24 2015 09:38 AM

A little bonkers with Adjusted Chronotype and Starlight Crusade Funding.  And Beach Party/Public Sympathy.  Imagine a runner deck that has a hand of 26 cards!  Then laugh when it gets smacked by Komainu.

    • Arepo likes this
Apr 27 2015 08:11 PM

I like this card. Seems really good for Haley in particular. Could also work well with Personal Workshop. Deplete your hand onto Workshop, use this to draw back up. Add a splashed Supplier to the mix, etc. Basically, if you are running cards in your deck that allow you to explode onto the board in one turn, this is a good helper to consider.


Similarly if you are running +hand size cards, the value of this card rises commensurately with each additional +1 hand size.


But, otherwise, it's worse than Diesel.

    • Meadbeard likes this

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