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Analog Dreamers

Analog Dreamers

Analog Dreamers

Type: Program
Cost: 2 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Shaper
Faction Cost: 3
[Click] : Make a run on R&D. If successful, instead of accessing cards, you may choose an unrezzed non-ice card with no advancement tokens on it. The Corp shuffles that card into R&D.
Sometimes progress means returning to the past.
Strength: -
Set: Chrome City Number: 48 Quantity:
Illustrator: Laura Wilson
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There's some weird slow thing you can do here with Exploratory Romp, but I can't quite get a grip on how it'd be useful.

It also has the downside of telegraphing your intentions to the Corp and providing them with a window to rez any particularly important cards, thus nullifying Analog Dreamers' ability. This card really doesn't seem very good to me.

May 29 2015 12:11 PM

Unrezzed non-ice with no advancements? Off of a click run? The corp would just rez whatever it was if they wanted to keep it and could afford it. It has some trap exposing abilities, but there are direct expose cards in the card pool. It might put a little econ and tempo pressure on the corps, but this is just very clunky. The same effect on a run event and for $0 or maybe $1 might have been playable as a surprise (particularly out of criminal with central only breakers), but this is just kind of an "ugh" card for me.

May 29 2015 06:32 PM
Would be useful in conjunction with expose effects to get rid of traps like Snare, but its of such limited use it'll never see play!

Would be useful in conjunction with expose effects to get rid of traps like Snare, but its of such limited use it'll never see play!


If you expose a Snare, you'd never want to put that Snare back into R&D, where you might actually hit it. OK, maybe if it's sitting in a server with a Shell Corporation . . . but that's highly situational (and highly debatable as the right choice -- just Vamp the Corp and walk in there, or do a Singularity Run, etc. There are better solutions already in place).


If they come out with 6 or 8 more trap cards that hit you when you expose them, like Psychic Field, maybe this would do something, but it's probably better just to try to mitigate the damage through other means.

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This card with exploratory romp and expose cards could be useful against the new NBN ID coming out. It's very situational, but useful against this particular ID.
What I see with this card is a way for the Runner to make the corp shuffle there deck on the runners turn. Run this card with Medium in your rig and you can see a whole new set of cards.

first click: medium run
second click: medium run
Third click : analog dreamer run (R&D) to gain the token on medium and shuffle there deck
forth click : medium run ( for a new cards to see)
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An interesting idea, but it's not a stunt you'll be able to reliably pull off (a. there needs to be an unrezzed card available at the end of the run, and b. you need to be confident you want it back in R&D), and I don't think it increases your chances of seeing an agenda any more than if you'd just made another normal run on R&D. If that's going to be a focal point of the Runner's strategy, I think they'd be much better off running with Showing Off, as that eliminates the variance thrown in by a random shuffle.


Edit: Or better yet, Demolition Run on third click.

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