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Lab Dog

Lab Dog

Lab Dog

Type: ICE: Trap
Cost: 2
Faction: Corp Haas-Bioroid
Faction Cost: 2
[Subroutine] The Runner trashes an installed piece of hardware. Trash Lab Dog.
Remember those FCC regulations about not creating harmful interference? No? Ah, before your time, I guess. -Cailan Heinrich, Senior Programmer
Strength: 0
Set: Chrome City Number: 52 Quantity:
Illustrator: Liiga Smilshkalne
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No decks currently use this card.
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May 28 2015 10:42 PM

Interesting. Gets rid of those pesky E3 Feedback Implants.

May 29 2015 12:39 PM

Nice little trap, but I would like this much better in Weyland where it is both more thematic and more practical. Trying to fit this into most HB set ups just seems awkward to me. 

Interesting. Gets rid of those pesky E3 Feedback Implants.

Yes, if it is the only hardware the runner has. Since runner chooses what hardware to trash, it could be something non-critical (unused memchip or backup clonechip). But if the runner has to choose between good hardware (important console, E3 or plascrete), it could greatly hinder the runner.

It has a very narrow window of usefulness: it must be rezzed 1) prior to any AI being in play, but 2) after some hardware is on the table.


I can't see that ever justifying a card slot, especially with options like Power Shutdown and Shattered Remains.

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