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Type: Program: Icebreaker - Killer
Cost: 2 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 2
Whenever you encounter a sentry, you may install MKUltra from your heap (paying its install cost).
3 [Credit] : +2 strength. Break up to 2
sentry subroutines, if able.
“These things are always there, under the surface, but no one wants to know the truth.” -Omar Keung, the Flashpoint
Strength: 1
Set: Martial Law Number: 81 Quantity:
Illustrator: Adam S. Doyle
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Corps are bad, mkay?
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Dec 05 2016 05:36 PM

- Archer: 12c

- Architect: 3c

- Assassin: 6c

- Brainstorm: 1-2 subs 3c, 3-4 subs 6c, 5-6 subs 9c

- Burke Bugs: 3c

- Caduceus: 3c

- Chetana: 3c

- Chrysalis: 3c

- Cobra: 3c

- Cortex Lock: 6c

- Data Hound: 3c

- Data Raven: 6c

- Draco: depends on the amount of power counters

- Enforcer 1.0: 9c

- Errand Boy: 6c (3c if you let one sub fire)

- Fenris: 3c

- Flare: 9c

- Gemini: 6c

- Grim: 6c

- Guard: 3c

- Gutenberg: 9c

- Hunter: 6c

- Ichi 1.0: 9c (6c if you let the trace fire)

- Ichi 2.0: 9c

- Information Overload: depends on the amount of tags, but at least 6c

- Janus 1.0: 15c

- Komainu: 1-2 subs 3c, 3-4 subs 6c, 5-6 subs 9c

- Lancelot: 1-2 subs 3c, 3 subs 6c

- Lycan: 3c

- Mamba: 6c

- Matrix Analyzer: 3c

- Muckraker: 6c

- Next Gold: 6c

- Nebula: 6c

- Negotiator: 3c

- Neural Katana: 3c

- News Hound: 6c

- Orion: 15c

- Pup: 3c

- Rainbow: 6c

- Rototurret: 3c

- Sagittarius: 6c

- Sapper: 3c

- Searchlight: 3c

- Shadow: up to 3 strength it costs 3c; after that don't bother breaking

- Sherlock 1.0: 6c

- Sherlock 2.0: 12c

- Shinobi: 9c (6c if you let the first trace fire)

- Snoop: 9c

- Susanoo-no-Mikoto: 9c

- Swarm: depends on the amount of subs, but at least 6c

- Swordsman: 3c

- Taurus: 6c

- Thoth: 9c

- Tour Guide: 1-2 subs 3c, 3-4 subs 6c, 5-6 subs 9c

- Tribunal: 6c

- Tsurugi: 6c

- Turnpike: 3c

- Uroboros: 6c

- Veritas: 6c (5c if you let the second sub fire)

- Vikram 1.0: 9c

- Virgo: 6c

- Woodcutter: 1-2 subs 3c, 3-4 subs 6c, 5-6 subs 9c

- Zed 1.0: 3c


As usual with this breaker suite, it combos with Inject/Making an Entrance.


Edit: fixed

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Dec 05 2016 06:21 PM

This is going directly into my Omar deck (finally) to replace the dog. Been waiting for this card to be printed.

Unfortunately, a lot of the costs to break AdorablePython wrote above are not correct:


For an Icebreaker to interact with a piece of ICE, it needs to have matched the strength of the ICE. 

For example, let's look at Archer, which has 6 strength and 4 subs.

MKUltra starts at strength 1. So you need to boost it 3 times, for sure. That's 9 credits just to boost.

But the problem is, the additional effect of breaking subroutines, which comes with boosting strength, can only fire once the breaker is at 6 strength or above. 

So only the last boost, which pushes the breaker to 7 strength, will break 2 subroutines. Therefore, if you want to break an entire Archer, you need to boost once more, costing a hefty 12 credits.

This is the same for Black Orchestra, but not for Paperclip, as Paperclip is worded differently.


It's an easy thing to miss, and really messes with the efficiency of this piece.


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- Archer: 9c



As usual with this breaker suite, it combos with Inject/Making an Entrance.


Didn't check all of yours, but right off the bat, this is incorrect.  It would take 12c to break an Archer.  You can't break subs until you meet the strength, so it's 9c to meet strength and break 2 subs, then 3c more for the last 2 subs.

Dec 06 2016 07:40 PM

Thanks. I have fixed the numbers.

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