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Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3

Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3

Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3

Type: Program: Icebreaker - Killer
Cost: 3 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 3
Place 4 power counters on Cerberus "Cuj.0" H3 when it is installed.Hosted power counter: Break up to 2 sentry subroutines.
1 [Credit] : +1 strength.
"He only likes to eat live meat." -MaxX
Strength: 0
Set: All that Remains Number: 94 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Liiga Smilshkalne
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Nov 22 2014 08:06 AM

I'm casually trying this out with David and Overmind in a Quetzal deck that also runs Pawnshop, E3, and Ekomind with Public Sympathy x3. The deck is kind of lukewarm, but I've developed a strong liking for this card. I think it might be the most compelling of the dog breakers as it fills a nice niche in Anarch, saving influence normally spent on a good Criminal killer.

Seems worse than Mimic, but I haven't tested it out yet. Anarchs pretty much always run suckers, which means Mimic can hit the higher strength things. For anything 3 strength or higher this is costs an additional 3 creds/suckers to get up to strength, although it's cheaper to break the subs by 1-2 creds. It is definitely nice against low strength stuff, though (especially with heavy sucker support), so it might be worth it. Not too exciting/different, though. I definitely wouldn't play it unless I was already playing Pawnshop.

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Dec 17 2014 03:38 AM

Yeah, without the Pawnshop sell back to break even this card makes a lot less sense. I almost always run Pawnshop in Anarch however, as I almost always run Imp, and I've been really liking David as well. So...there's an incentive to favor cards that exhaust themselves and get fed to Pawnshop...but in this case it's a break even on the install and potentially a reinstall later so loss of click efficiency compared to Mimic. In the deck I'm running it in though, I ultimately bounce out Overminds and I want maximum counters on it, so an early game Cujo that gets pawned once Ekomind is ready and Overmind is about to drop works ok (though, yeah, its a janky deck).


One small advantage over Mimic is that it can safely facecheck an Ichi, Grim, Shinobi (etc) without sucker support, though not cheaply.

I started trying all three of the Cerberus breakers with Hayley, and I'm liking what I see: she's so quick at setting up lots of hardware (LLDS, Clone Chip, Cyberfeeder).


These are easy to tutor early, then they progress in effective strength as the game goes on, getting better hardware behind them with each recursion: fun, quick, cheap.

May 03 2015 08:39 AM

Ya. That's what I was alluding to on the Hayley thread. Her ability somewhat mitigates the necessity to reinstall replacement breakers. The main hitch is influence costs. Deus Ex,  Sharpshooter, and the green dog are in faction, but the influence for the rest of the trashable / counter based breakers adds up quick. Also, Parasite kind of fits in there too. Some tough choices involved. In the end it's probably more efficient to use traditional breakers and a Personal Workshop, but part of the fun of new identities for me at least is seeing what kind of jank might work for them. Sometimes things that are fruit loops for anyone else to try is within a new identity's wheel house and works for them.

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