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Type: Hardware: Console
Cost: 2
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 3
Your memory limit is equal to the number of cards in your grip.
Limit 1
console per player.
Sometimes you just need a brain in a jar. -g00ru
Set: All that Remains Number: 93 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Lorraine Schleter
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3 influence... so much for trying to get this and Theophilius Bagbiter to combine.

Also, don't hit Psychic Field with this out, really, really, don't.

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Nov 22 2014 08:32 AM

I'm trying this out in a funky Quetzal deck currently. Short version, so far the console has been interesting but challenging to fully leverage.


I initially tried three Origami, but that version was just painful to jump start and was too slow and unpredictable. And of course there is a lack of synergy between Origami and Overmind, which the deck is trying to exploit.


After a few test games I switched to three Public Sympathy plus a lot of card draw and that's worked out much more reliably to find the pieces needed and also keep the grip at or near capacity. The breakers are David, Cuj.0, and Overmind backed up by E3. Pawnshop eats cards with no counters, and there's enough recursion with 3x copies of each, Retrieval Run, and Deja Vu to keep it going.


Normally the deck is only consuming 3 MU, unless a Parasite is in play and pushes it to 4 MU. Keeping the grip at between 7 and 11 cards allows a decent safety margin, and as the deck is using expendable progs anyway even if damage causes the MU limit to dip low enough to trash part of the rig it isn't catastrophic. Pawnshop also offers a safety valve (which I had to exercise in one game after decking myself with power draw).


So, thus far it definitely isn't super-competitive, but it is a viable anchor to build a fun and quirky casual deck around.

Yeah, unfortunately this sort of strategy just isn't very good at the moment. As meagaia pointed out, it sucks against Psychic Field, and, more importantly, Komainu. It also sucks against Sweeps Week, and you really don't want a big weakness to that considering how strong NBN is right now. There also just aren't enough support cards for it. The options we have to increase hand size are very poor, and it's just unreliable to keep your hand size high, especially if you're playing against Jinteki. I really want this card to work, but it just doesn't. Maybe some day...

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Jan 23 2015 10:39 PM

Do Ekomind and Chaos Theory's additional MU stack? So when playing both of them, do I have a Memory Limit of [Cards in my grip + 1] or is her ability wasted?

Jan 25 2015 03:04 AM

Do Ekomind and Chaos Theory's additional MU stack? So when playing both of them, do I have a Memory Limit of [Cards in my grip + 1] or is her ability wasted?



"Ekomind sets the base from which you increase and decrease memory. -Lukas Litzsinger Game Designer Fantasy Flight Games"


So, Chaos Theory using Ekomind would get her +1 MU, and +MU hardware works.

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