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Type: Program: Virus
Cost: 3 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 4
Whenever you make a successful run, place 1 virus counter on Hemorrhage.
[Click], 2 hosted virus counters: The Corp trashes 1 card from HQ.
Strength: -
Set: Fear and Loathing Number: 082 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Ed Mattinian
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Feb 22 2014 07:28 PM
Thankfully this card is not criminal. :)

Nice way to corrode/condense HQ while locking down your (other) favourite server.
4 influence, yikes.

If you build up tokens on it you can wipe almost the entire corp's hand in one turn, unless they purge, which is even better.
Best card in the deck!
This card is good but the problem is the high influence keeps it pretty solidly in Anarch and anarchs are already memory starved. Seems like it would be hard to find room for this
This card screams to be added to a professor build. Someday the dream will happen.
This card seems pretty underwhelming. It's going to be dead against certain corps that ice archives and only have one remote. Wiping viruses is already pretty important against anarch, so at best you'll force the corp to trash their worst card every once in a while. And you have to spend a click to do it. And you can't ignore the 3 creds it took to play this card and the MU it takes up. Sure, it will be great sometimes, but you can't expect to be competitive when you play cards that are at best decent in very specific circumstances.
Having played this card, I am beginning to see why it is four influence... and why it is actually pretty good.

It lets you apply pressure on HQ from anywhere. Its a card that is pretty similar to DLR, in that you want to really kick it up to six+ counters when the corp already has something else they would rather do than clear viruses for a turn.

Because of this, I don't think it plays nice with most other viruses.

The investment of time for the cost of destroying a card without a run is a winning click for me. You will rarely want to trigger its ability when you only have 2 counters on it. Aim for at least 4, but if you can get to 6 and plug 3 from their hand it will help you quite a bit.

Its an overlooked card. I think its got a lot more potential than most give it credit for.

Does the Corp trashes as s/he wills, or at random? I guess its the first, cause there isnt a "random" in the text.

Feb 02 2016 10:54 AM

Does the Corp trashes as s/he wills, or at random? I guess its the first, cause there isnt a "random" in the text.


The corp chooses which card to trash. Otherwise the word "random" would appear.

Yes, the corp chooses the cards that are discarded. Unlike damage to the runner, which is always random (unless the runner has installed Titanium Ribs or the corp is playing Chronos Protocol), whenever a card mandates that the corp trash cards from their hand it will indicate whether the trashing is done at random or not.

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