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Type: Program: Icebreaker - AI - Caïssa
Cost: 2 Memory Units: 1
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 2
2 [Credits]: Break subroutine on host ice.
[Click]: Host Knight on a piece of ice not hosting a Caïssa. If already hosted, Knight can be hosted only on ice that is not installed directly before or after the current piece of ice hosting Knight.
Strength: 7
Set: Mala Tempora Number: 043 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Christina Davis
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Pretty exciting card for the Chess/Caissa set. Hop a low-cost Knight around, breaking most any ICE except the big stuff and traps that AI can't get. Can also pull double duty as a Parasite by possibly forcing the corp to trash the host ICE to get rid of Knight. Lots of punch for the cost.
Jan 23 2014 07:57 PM
Knight serves a similar purpose as Femme Fatale, for a much smaller up front investment but without the added utility of a sentry breaker. However FF usually isn't used as a primary sentry breaker anyway. There are two things that make Knight more appealing to me. First is if the corp trashes the ice you are only out 2 credits instead of 9. Second is that Knight may be given a chance to switch targets for the cost of a click or two. Definitely a card I see value in playing, even outside of anarch because of its reasonable influence cost.
The text on these chess Caïssa are like long run on sentences. Tell me if I got this.

You can host Knight on any Ice not already hosting a Caïssa. If Knight is already on Ice and you want to move it, for one click move it to any other Ice as long as its not a piece of Ice directly before or after the current piece of ice hosting Knight in the same server. That sum it up?

yes. that was a longer and less clear way of saying what was on the card.

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