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Type: Program
Cost: 4 Memory Units: 2
Faction: Runner Anarch
Faction Cost: 3
[Click]: Make a run on R&D. If successful, instead of accessing cards, look at the top 3 cards of R&D. Trash 1 of those cards at no cost (even if it cannot normally be trashed) and the Corp shuffles R&D.
Strength: -
Set: True Colors Number: 061 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Agri Karuniawan
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so wouldn't it be ironic if all 3 cards were agenda and you could have just won the game if it wasn't for this blooming keyhole & your peeping tom habits! haha
Jan 17 2014 06:22 PM
I just played against this last night. Trust me, they will save a click to run archives right after.
Luckily we're getting Shock just in time, otherwise this card could be really annoying for corp. If you can get 2 shocks into archives, the runner might hesitate to run there, even if they know they've trashed an agenda, in the hopes of getting more than one with a single run. This might buy you time to Jackson it back into your deck.
Strongest card in the set in my opinion (yes even better then sweeps week)
@OzValdo, you cant keep any agendas you see, because it says 'instead of accessing'. You can trash one of the agendas, then run archives.
If your opponent did not spend his first turn protecting his R&D, he might find his deck robbed of 6 or so agenda points after t1 (though that would kinda be a bold move :P).

@Rxauin: He means that, if you would've done a normal run 3 times, you could've won, but that'd be quite unlikely.

The definitive anti-Jinteki card.


Whereas Medium or R&D Interface would have you die to a Snare soon, here the 'look at but do not access cards' makes the save.


Hades Shard is a great addition to a Keyhole deck.

So if this ability bumps into Crisium Grid, as I understand, the runner will neither get to trash a card nor will they be able to access the top card of R&D in a regular manner since there is no "you may" before "instead of accessing". Am I correct?

Apr 16 2015 10:10 AM

He will be able to access the top card of R&D, since the run isn't successful for the purpose of card abilities. For Keyhole to trigger a successful run is required.

He will be able to access the top card of R&D, since the run isn't successful for the purpose of card abilities. For Keyhole to trigger a successful run is required.

But Keyhole's ability doesn't just have to trigger, it is also declared as a separate kidn of action. It's not R&D Interface that just works while installed and requires no clicks to be spent to initiate a run that would involve its ability.

You must spend a click to start keyhole's ability (just like sneakdoor beta's one). So as soon as you declare that you use the Keyhole's ability are you still making a regular run which would regularly result in accessing cards in that server?



To me it seems that as soon as you use Keyhole, the only possible outcomes as a result of this run are either looking at top 3 cards with 1 trashed or ending the run without any access at all, since as opposed to Account Siphon for example, where it says "...instead of accessing cards you may force..." and you can choose to trigger the replacement effect or not, here it just says "... instead of accessing cards look at..."

Keyhole has a trigger, which is a successful run.  May being there or not is irrelevant, since it requires a successful run.
Crisium Grid prevents the run from being successful or unsuccessful, and yes, the embedded effect of Keyhole is to make a normal run on R&D.


Keyhole into R&D, access normally if it's successful.

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Nov 24 2016 04:55 PM

What happens if a run was initiated by Keyhole, but it is trashed during the run? Does it still work for said run?

Nov 24 2016 05:48 PM

Sneakdoor Beta's effect still triggers if it is trashed during the run (it was in the FAQ at one point, and I'm assuming it still is), and Keyhole's mechanic is the same kind of template so I would expect the same ruling.




Actually, sneakdoor midrun trash is still in the FAQ


26 Sneakdoor Beta

• If Sneakdoor Beta is trashed during a run it initiated, the run is still treated as a run on HQ if it is successful.


and so is Keyhole


61 Keyhole

• The card trashed by Keyhole is trashed faceup.

• If Keyhole is trashed during a run it initiated, the replacement effect is still resolved.

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