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Domain Drain Episode 2 - Plowing Old Ones

We discuss the first pack in the current cycle and new Stories.

Podcast File

Attached File  ep2.mp3   72.88MB   650 downloads
Podcast Description: Will, Alex, and Brett Discuss the first asylum pack in they new cycle, the new stories, and various forms of abuse.


Sacrifice is not destroyed - its quite key for many effects not to combo too well. And is a big problem with jar.

Each player returns story is not a comeback mechanism:
(i also played this way all 3 story decks until i read this post; also then means the other part occurs only if both players return story that makes it crazy situational)

No stealing succeses, that would be too stupid. But redistributing is still crazy powerful - if you ges sucesses on all stories this phase you can get some tokens on A, then win this [B], get all tokens in game on C, then win C effectively winning C much faster and getting rid of opponents sucesses.

Your point on 3td story deck is quite opposite of what i think.
Most stories are actually doing much less than previous ones so even if you trigger them it doesn't change much. (Except chaos unleashed that is stupid IMO, potentially draw 4+ cards and opponents gets nothing... this is stupid and works in completely other way than other stories. I Houserule it to affect both players and its ok that way) The problem with kill all/return all is that if you send stuff that will win the story your opponent will just ignore it, and its not really like he can win a story his behind on during opponents story phase. Pretty much all effects are really situational or minor. Second dragon is a nice cards though.

Previous deck had global effects, affecting both players, but really game changing. Getting up to 8 cards was a huge change with milling, decks with uneven draw or decks depending more on cheap cards or effects you pay for. It could bring you back to the game if current table was not good and your hand would not help, but your opponent also gets more cards.
Zeroing domains was really huge in monster vs human fractions, humans play much better on small domains and getting big ones took time, now its even more time. Also if your ahead it will make it harder to come back. Killing all characters, getting all dead guys etc was really game changing. And it forced you to abuse asymetries - really interesting idea. My only problem was that they're too game changing if the asymetry is too big.

John & jessie Burke has A icon, and responses trigger after story resolution. You can send them, ready them winning A, and then exhaust to trigger ability. (mentioned) Especially in defense its practically free if you win A struggle or don't need to send it to defend. Cost 4 is too much though, for 3 it would be really great. Maybe take away C or I to make it not too good. Now i don't see it doing enough to justify building that big a domain.

Aziz drains... undraining would be insane. Aziz Chatuluka (TSS) although with Azathoth (SoA) hes quite funny in defense.

Kopesh hopefully cant be used on invulnerable. But can still be nice with much toughness or wound cancelling.