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Table Flip - Episode 11: The Cycle Ends

Patrick, Nate, and Matt talk about their thoughts on the end of the cycle. Deck talk is back too!

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Podcast Description: The cycle is finally at its end and this week we talk about how its effected the meta, our favorite and least favorite cards, and what our over all thoughts were.

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Shadows of the Empire was a movie?
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Shadows of the Empire was a movie?

He meant Empire Strikes Back and did change that and then say it should have been a movie.

Which it should be I agree, apparently Lucas' idea with Shadows of the Empire was to make it an interquel that had all the components of a movie except the movie so it was a multimedia experience with a soundtrack, novel, video game, comic series and graphic novel even had a trailer. It's a good story and adds a lot of background to the changes from ESB to RotJ.
Oct 10 2013 09:23 PM
Star Wars LCG cards have a lot of card info? :P
Oct 22 2013 02:30 AM
For the Jedi Deck, I was counting and I only heard 10 lol
Thrawn Trilogy!! Starting the final book of that shortly. The books right before and about three trilogies afterwards are probably the best ones according to what I've heard and online reviews. Hopefully FFG has read them too!