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Star Wars: Table Flip

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  Podcast Title Teaser Description

Table Flip - Episode 24: Regionals Are Over

Matt, Patrick, and Nick talk about regionals, Star Wars Rebels, and much more

Table Flip - Episode 23: Navy Spoilers For It Binds All Things

FFG has given us some really neat navy spoilers.

Table Flip - Episode 22: We Are Back!

We are back and after a month the meta is completely changed. Matt, Nick, and Patrick talk about why.

Table Flip - Episode 20: Zoe Robinson

The crew interviews Zoe Robinson Senior Associate Art Director from Fantasy Flight Games for Star Wars the Living Card Game.

Table Flip - Episode 19: Spoilers, Decks, Oh My!

This week Patrick, Nick, and Matt talk about the spoilers of the first force pack.

Table Flip - Episode 18: Dennis The Force Menace

The Table Flip Crew interviews Dennis Harlien (First World Champion of Star Wars the Living Card game). We also ask listener questions.

Table Flip - Episode 17

Patrick forgot to upload this one :p Here it is :)

Table Flip - Special Guest: Bobby Griggs

Nick and Patrick interview Bobby Griggs, creator of http://go7gaming.com. Oh...Nate seemed to have invited him self as well. So that happened....

Table Flip - Episode 16: Midnight Force Patrol

On this week's episode we host our returning guest ZachyMidnight, and we also discuss competitive psychology, and a few of Zach's decks.

Table Flip - Episode 15: Hobotable

Its been a great year! We are joined by Josh to talk about the first year of Star Wars: The Living Card Game.

Table Flip - Episode 14: Jedi Master 2V2

We talk 2v2 and challenge decks with JediMasterAdam...we swear hes a real jedi!

Table Flip - Episode 13: The Covenant Of Dbmeboy

Zach from Team Covenant joins us, as well as DBmeboy, lets talk worlds! Also nate and tiny are starting a strip club.

Table Flip - Episode 12: The Spoilers

Patrick, Nate, and Matt talk with special guest Zach about the spoilers that where posted.

Table Flip - Episode 11: The Cycle Ends

Patrick, Nate, and Matt talk about their thoughts on the end of the cycle. Deck talk is back too!

Table Flip - Episode 10

Special Guests: Matthew Kohls, Jonathan Herr talk about decks they have been using and testing. Hoth cycle comes to a close and we talk about that too.

Table Flip - Episode 9 - This Is For You New Players

Matt and Nate talk about getting into the game, new players this episode is for you:) Patrick is here too....kinda.

Table Flip - Episode 8 - Interview With Drew "darksbane"

Matt, Nate, and Patrick sit down with Drew aka Darksbane and talk about the recent merger with Fantasy Flight Games.

Table Flip - Interview: North American Championship Winner (Matt "mattkohls")

Patrick and Nate sit down with the winner of the NA National Champion and talk about gencon and the tournament.

Table Flip - Episode 7

Pre-Gencon! Patrick, Nate, and Matt go over their tournament decks as well as talk about what might be at gencon!

Table Flip - Episode 6

Get some beef jerky and pour a cup of hot cocoa. Edge of Darkness is hear!

Table Flip - Episode 5

This week Matt, Patrick, and Nate talk about The Desolation of Hoth deck, round one tournament results, and the results of last shows Deck Talk.

Table Flip - Episode 4

Matt, Nate, and Patrick talk about the new force pack and how to build a new deck around it.

Table Flip Special - Interview With Nate From Sheffield England

The meta is different from the the US lets talk about it.

Table Flip - Episode 3

Patrick, Matt, and Nate talk about neutral objective sets and the spoilers that FFG posted.

Table Flip - Episode 2

Patrick and Matt discuss the "untouchables" deck with Ketricel and Shriggs.